ETS-Lindgren Expert to Present at the 2023 National Disaster Resilience Council (NDRC) Summit

Expert to Address the Growing Threat of HEMP, EMP, and IEMI on Critical Infrastructure


CEDAR PARK, November 30, 2023 – ETS-Lindgren’s Subject Matter Expert and Global Director, Marketing, Joel Kellogg, will present during the 2023 NDRC Summit to be held in person and remotely on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 5 and 6, at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Mr. Kellogg’s presentation “Protecting Critical Infrastructure: The Resilient Digital Substation Module,” co-authored by Ryan Marietta and Eric Easton with CenterPoint Energy, supports the Summit theme of “Solutions Now for Infrastructure Resilience.”  The talk, co-presented by Mr. Marietta, is scheduled for Wednesday, December 6, at 10:15 am CST.


Host University of Texas at San Antonio National Security Collaboration Center and co-host Joint Base San Antonio provide a platform to discuss improving emergency readiness for potential disruption of services necessary for sustainment and quality of life.  Essential services identified by the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency include 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors.


“Protection of critical infrastructure is paramount to the security and defense of the United States,” explained Mr. Kellogg.  “As a result, CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, in collaboration with ETS-Lindgren, has developed a patented system for substation and transmission stations.  The system provides resilience not only from cyber threats and High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP), Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), and Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI), but from a host of other events that could disrupt supply and delivery,” he added.  The presentation will provide a high-level, real-world overview of a resilient substation system, shielding effectiveness, and system performance.  Examples will be provided of how the system is deployed or could be deployed to provide security to a utility from malicious attacks as well as a host of other events that can disrupt substation and transmission station operations, thereby preventing the reliable supply and delivery of power.  In addition, the presenters will highlight how it is possible to provide MIL-STD-level protection that is flexible, easy to install and maintain, and cost effective.  “We invite anyone interested in learning more to attend our presentation either in person or remotely via Zoom,” said Mr. Kellogg.  For additional information on the 2023 NDRC Summit, including how to register to attend, click here. 


ETS-Lindgren is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the 2023 NDRC Summit.  Bob Piemonte, Director, Government/General Purpose Shielding with ETS-Lindgren, will provide a short overview of the company’s solutions for HEMP, EMP, and IEMI protection of critical infrastructure during the Sponsor Presentations on Tuesday, December 5, from 4:50 to 5:50 pm CST.


View the educational brochure Solutions for Electromagnetic Pulse for more information on ETS-Lindgren’s products and services for protection of critical infrastructure.  Our Government and Utility products and services are backed by a team of more than 750 professionals worldwide with decades of experience gained by greater than 50,000 RF shielded enclosure installations globally.  Please contact ETS-Lindgren at phone +1 (512) 531-6400 for immediate assistance.

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