Meet ETS-Lindgren’s Audiometric Sound Booth Experts at the HearTECH Expo

Annual Conference of the American Academy of Audiology Convenes in St. Louis


CEDAR PARK, Texas – March 17, 2022 – As industry leaders in products and services that measure, manage, and control sound, ETS-Lindgren’s audiometric experts excitedly support the HearTECH Expo to be held March 30 to April 2, 2022, at America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  Organized by the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), the annual HearTECH Expo features organizations and companies related to the hearing healthcare industry, including manufacturers and distributors of listening/amplification devices, hearing aids, hearing test instruments, cochlear implants, as well as providers of pediatric and adult educational and rehabilitative products or services.


ETS-Lindgren serves the audiological healthcare industry in providing high-quality audiometric sound booths to diagnose a patient’s hearing capability.  A sound booth is an essential tool in the practice of audiology and hearing research allowing for the assessment and treatment of hearing disorders.  Sound booths and research chambers are also essential in the development of hearing aids, listening devices, cochlear implants, and diagnostic equipment.


“We look forward to this in-person gathering of audiologists, hearing healthcare professionals, and audiology students from all over the world and from various practice settings,” said Scott Dunlap, Acoustic Sales Manager with ETS-Lindgren.  “It’s one of our top conferences for sharing our expertise and latest R&D in audiometric sound booths.  HearTECH attracts thousands of knowledgeable AAA members and attendees who appreciate the science behind and the care we put into the design, manufacturing, and installation of our audiometric sound booths.”


With more than 50 years of experience in the control and evaluation of sound, ETS-Lindgren’s veteran team of audiometric engineers design and manufacture the products and systems that enclose, absorb, and isolate sound.  Given this expertise and creativity, an Audiometric Sound Booth Solution may be standardized or customized to address a customer’s specific requirements.  And, to ensure a project’s success, ETS-Lindgren provides a factory-trained and certified sound booth installation team.


Did you know ETS-Lindgren operates an Acoustical Research Lab (ARL)?  The test lab is independently accredited by third-party accrediting bodies including the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and is a part of an ISO 9001 and 17025 Management Program.  The ARL provides certified acoustical test services for a varied customer base, such as those from the automotive industry and high-technology manufacturers.  Located within ETS-Lindgren’s corporate headquarters near Austin, Texas, the ARL also supports audiometric sound booth R&D.  “When we have a new design for our audiometric sound booth, we can test the completed booth in our ARL to document that the design meets the target ambient sound level performance.  Our customers appreciate the quality assurance we provide; it offers peace of mind when testing patients for hearing loss.  We are happy when we can partner with our customers to achieve better patient outcomes,” declared Dunlap.


With this broad spectrum of audiometric and acoustical expertise supported by six manufacturing factories and team of more than 750 employees worldwide, ETS-Lindgren provides optimal Acoustical Solutions to address your audiometric sound booth needs.  Visit our Acoustical Industry webpage to learn more about our wide range of products as well as the testing services offered by our Acoustical Research Lab.  Our Audiometric Solutions brochure features our full line of screening booths, including our popular Multi-Configurable Audiometric Test Booths, Single-Wall Control/Double-Wall Exam Suites, and Single-Wall Screening Booths.  For more information, view our Top 10 Considerations for Audiometric Test Booth Planning to assist you with your next project, call +1 512-531-6400, or email


Visit ETS-Lindgren’s sales professionals and application engineers in Booth #1901 during the exhibition hours of 4:00 to 7:30 pm CDT on March 30, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm CDT on March 31, and 9:00 am to 3:00 pm CDT on April 1.  For more information on the HearTECH Expo, click here.  You’ll find more information on the AAA here.


About ETS-Lindgren


ETS-Lindgren is an international manufacturer of systems and components that measure, shield, and control electromagnetic and acoustical energy.  The company’s products are used for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), microwave and wireless testing, electromagnetic field (EMF) measurement, radio frequency (RF) personal safety monitoring, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and control of acoustical environments.


Headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, ETS-Lindgren has manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.  The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ESCO Technologies, a leading supplier of engineered products for growing industrial and commercial markets.  ESCO is a New York Stock Exchange listed company (symbol ESE) with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.  Additional information about ETS-Lindgren is available at www.ets-lindgren.comFollow ETS-Lindgren on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTubeAdditional information about ESCO and its subsidiaries is available at



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