Versatile EMCenter Simplifies RF Measurements

CEDAR PARK, Texas, August 30, 2012 ETS-Lindgren announced a new product launch with its EMCenter Model 7000-001 - a compact, modular platform consisting of an integrated micro-controller, modular chassis, and a selection of optional plug-in card modules. The EMCenter provides repeatable, reproducible test results without the complexity or cost of large rack-mounted systems. The plug-and-play features each one an optimized RF test instrument create the exact system needed in a space that is only 3U high. For convenience, test engineers can link with external analyzers, amplifiers, probes, antennas, or other equipment via available RS-232, LAN or IEEE-488 interfaces and test according to ANSI, CISPR, IEC, MIL-STD, SAE, CTIA and other standards for telecom, commercial electronics, military, aerospace, and automotive applications.Software plays a big role in the EMCenter in order to automate RF testing. One notable feature of this new product is the flexibility offered for test automation software. EMCenter supports not only our TILE! and EMQuest software, but other PC compatible RF software packages as well, said Michael Christopher, Director, Software Engineering for ETS-Lindgren. Youll be surprised by how convenient and fast automated measurements can be for EMC and wireless measurements, E-field monitoring and other RF applications, he added.The EMCenter was formally launched at the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on EMC held this month in Pittsburgh, PA. Visitors to ETS-Lindgrens booth received an EMCenter datasheet on the RF instruments and plug-in modules featured in the EMCenter. Live demonstrations were also provided. We were pleased with the enthusiastic response to our EMCenter demonstrations at this show, said Bryan Sayler, Senior Vice President - Test Solutions with ETS-Lindgren. Now its time to share the news of this exciting product with others.Warranty offered for the EMCenter is two years. To receive a quote or for more information, please call +1.512.531.6400 or email