University of California San Diego and ETS-Lindgren Announce Collaboration on 5G R&D

    University of California San Diego and ETS-Lindgren Announce

Collaboration on 5G R&D

R&D Addresses 5G and mmWave Design and Test Methodologies



CEDAR PARK, Texas March 5, 2019  The University of California San Diego (UCSD) and ETS-Lindgren have announced a research and development (R&D) collaboration to address emerging fifth generation (5G) and mmWave wireless technologies.  With the proliferation of wireless technologies into every corner of our lives, starting with traditional cellular and wireless LAN technologies and leading to the impending evolution of autonomous vehicles and the "Internet of Things," 5G and the corresponding mmWave technology will become a reality in the near future.   Modern "smart antennas", such as advanced adaptive antenna systems, will enable the much faster data communication speeds required of tomorrow's 5G wireless devices.  However, these new antennas pose unique challenges to designers and manufacturers of wireless devices, largely due to the beam forming capabilities now required for increasingly faster communication speeds.  To address these challenges, ETS-Lindgren provided UCSD with a portable test enclosure for 5G and mmWave device R&D, to be used under the guidance of Professor Gabriel M. Rebeiz.


Professor Rebeiz, the Wireless Communications Industry Chair at UCSD, is well-known as one of the fathers of silicon RFIC phased-arrays. Since 2001, he has taken this technology from its infancy to SATCOM phased-arrays, 60 GHz base-station phased-arrays, automotive radar phased-arrays, and now, 28 GHz and 39 GHz 5G systems.  He and his team of Ph.D. students will use ETS-Lindgren's portable test enclosure, Model AMS-5700, to gather performance test data on the design of their phased-arrays. ETS-Lindgren also provided its industry leading EMQuest Antenna Measurement Software to efficiently provide a range of fully parameterized test methods for measuring basic antenna performance metrics, as well as testing radiated performance of various wireless technology devices, including the different 5G technology variants from mmWave radios to Massive MIMO base stations.  


"We are excited to have the AMS-5700 in our test lab.  This will make our R&D much more meaningful and efficient," said Professor Rebeiz.  "Now we can test our phased-arrays in real-time and be confident in the performance test results.  Having the isolated test environment in our lab means we can make design changes and evaluate the impact on performance quickly. In addition to advancing technology in the industry, the test enclosure provides a unique educational opportunity to our students for hands-on learning."


ETS-Lindgren benefits as well from the collaboration with UCSD.  "We look forward to the ongoing feedback from Professor Rebeiz and his students on using our AMS-5700.  The best way to enhance and improve our products is to hear from users about how we can make their testing more productive.  It's a pleasure to partner with a prestigious university and professor on this industry-leading R&D," said Roger Hatch, Vice-President Solutions for ETS-Lindgren.


The IEEE San Diego Section will feature an educational 5G seminar on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at UCSD.  Speakers include Professor Rebeiz and Dr. Michael Foegelle, Director Technology Development with ETS-Lindgren.  Following the presentations, attendees will be able to tour the 5G lab at UCSD and witness a demonstration using the AMS-5700.  For more information and to register to attend this seminar, click here.


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