Oxygen Monitoring System Ensures Air Safety at Medical Facilities

CEDAR PARK, Texas, November 26, 2013 ETS-Lindgren announced the immediate availability of the Oxygen Monitoring System (OMS), a sample draw monitoring system that alerts and alarms when oxygen levels fall below safe limits for human health. Under normal conditions, the air we breathe contains an oxygen concentration of 20.9%. Anything less than 19.5% is considered a health hazard. The OMS system monitors the air in MRI rooms, labs, freezers, confined spaces, and other locations where inert gases may displace the oxygen and create a danger for patients and staff. The OMS can be used indoors or outdoors.Administrators of MRI and medical facilities want to know their facility is safe for patients and staff, said Joel Kellogg, ETS-Lindgrens Director of Medical Sales. We created the OMS to provide assurance that the oxygen levels are safe. In addition, our design makes things simple no maintenance is required due to a non-depleting zirconium oxide sensor that has a 10-year service life. Calibration is not required and theres no temperature or pressure drift. The OMS is simple and safe; you can install it and stop worrying.The OMS also features a built-in flow sample pump that continuously draws in air from end points up to a maximum 30 meters (100 feet) from the unit. An on-board CPU provides the system logic and control. A local back-lit display shows the oxygen concentration from the sample point as a percentage. The OMS also has user selectable, dual alarm relays for activating remote audio alarms and strobe lights.For more information, view the video interview with the engineer behind the OMS design, read the datasheet or visit us atRSNA, the worlds premier radiology forum, drawing some 55,000 attendees annually to McCormick Place in Chicago over December 1-6. Look for ETS-Lindgren in Hall A, South Building, Booth 4129. Joel Kellogg and ETS-Lindgren staff at RSNA will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have about the oxygen monitoring system.With decades of experience in RF shielded products and services for MRI, ETS-Lindgren offers a variety of standard and custom solutions for the medical industry. Click here for more information on MRI shielding products and services, including engineering and consulting, maintenance and upgrades, as well as site surveys. Contact us at info@ets-lindgren.com.