New Update to American College of Radiology Guidance Document Addresses Safety Barriers for MRI Suites

 New Update to American College of Radiology Guidance Document Addresses Safety Barriers for MRI Suites

ETS-Lindgren's TechGate Safety System Ensures Compliance with Zone IV Recommendations


CEDAR PARK, TEXAS, August 15, 2019   New safety recommendations for MRI Suites are included in the recent update to the American College of Radiology (ACR) Guidance Document on MR Safe Practices: Updates and Critical Information 2019.   In the document, there is specific reference to ensuring the safety of equipment, patients and medical staff that enter or exit the MRI Suite, identified as MRI Zone IV by the ACR.  Unaccounted for ferrous materials, such as clinical devices, oxygen tanks, patient personal items and the like, may be propelled towards the MRI Suite's magnet through the open MRI door causing damage to equipment and potential loss of life.  The ACR Guidance Document now explicitly recommends the use of a "caution" barrier such as adjusted straps or plastic chains be placed at the entrance of the MRI Suite's scanner room doorway.  However, these safety barriers rely on consistent usage by MRI technologists to manually engage the barriers in place upon each and every entrance to or exit from the MRI Suite. 


To eliminate the possibility of human error with this manual safety protocol and comply with the ACR Document, ETS-Lindgren offers the TechGate MRI Entryway Safety System.  TechGate features automated technology with interactive warning signs and LED lights that are affixed across the entrance to the MRI Suite. In the event of an emergency, the hinged TechGate barrier arm can be rapidly swung open for emergency egress something not available in any other barrier solution.  


"Limiting access to the room while scanning is critical to the safety of equipment, patients and clinical staff. With the TechGate system, MR technologists and staff will experience smooth workflow in a safe work environment," said Jim Mueth, Manager Specialty Healthcare Sales with ETS-Lindgren.   "In addition, installing TechGate is an attractive safety option for existing MRI Suites as its modular robotic arms provide a physical protective barrier that fits any door configuration or swing.  That makes it relatively easy for MRI Suite operators to comply with the Zone IV recommendations in the ACR Document."  View a video of the TechGate MRI Entryway Safety System here to learn more.


For the most advanced ferromagnetic detection for an entire MRI Suite, ETS-Lindgren also offers SuiteSentry Systems that provide superior MRI room safety.  Features include position lights that precisely identify the location of the ferrous threat, false alarm suppression technology, and an optional camera system for incident reporting and root cause analysis.


As the world leader for MRI shielding solutions with over 40 years of experience, 10,000 installations worldwide, and 25 patents for innovative products, ETS-Lindgren designs and installs new MRI shielding facilities, retrofits existing facilities, and conducts site surveys to mitigate potential interference. So, you strengthen your reputation in the marketplace for medical expertise, your contribution to the patient care team, and your value to the overall patient experience. In other words, with ETS-Lindgren, your image is safe with us.  Contact us at or call +1 (512) 531-6400 to discuss your healthcare requirements and learn how we can help.


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