New Red Edge Products for Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

CEDAR PARK, Texas, December 6, 2013 ETS-Lindgren announced a new series of Red Edge Pulse Protection products is now available to negate high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) and intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) threats. The product line includes new and proprietary shielded enclosures, doors, filters, waveguide vents, and penetrations to provide a completely secure and protected environment. Red Edge Pulse Protection products have been rigorously tested as Hardness Critical Items at an independent test lab to certify performance specifications, survivability and reliability. (Test reports are available upon request.) Product applications include data centers, telecommunications, financial and security services, as well as utility firms for electricity generation, transmission and distribution in short, these are a few of the critical infrastructure businesses the US Department of Homeland Security advised need to consider EMP protection. With Red Edge Pulse Protection, users are assured of continuity of business operations despite an HEMP or IEMI event.EMP is a significant threat in our modern era, said Mike Caruso, ETS-Lindgrens Director of Government and Specialty Business Development. While most critical infrastructure businesses are protected against natural disasters, they are not protected against HEMP and IEMI threats. We designed and certified our Red Edge Pulse Protection products to mitigate these threats for non-Government applications. As veteran RF shielding specialists, we have the expertise and documented performance verification - to provide trusted HEMP and IEMI solutions to our clients.With decades of experience in RF shielded products and services for government and industry, ETS-Lindgren offers a variety of standard and custom solutions. For more information, view the EMP/HEMP/IEMI solutions brochure and read the white paperMitigating EMP Threats. See the wide range of shielding products for EMP/HEMP/IEMI at or contact us at