New Intraoperative MRI Suite Offers Real-Time Imaging During Surgery

New Intraoperative MRI Suite Offers Real-Time Imaging During Surgery

IMRIS Surgical Theatre Features ETS-Lindgren's TechGate Safety System



CEDAR PARK, TEXAS, July 2, 2019 - ETS-Lindgren announced the opening of a new IMRIS Surgical Theatre at a leading hospital in the southeastern United States.  The IMRIS Surgical Theatre features intraoperative MRI (iMRI) the standard technology in the evolving integration of advanced imaging modalities into hybrid operating rooms.


Advanced imaging therapies, such as iMRI, are useful for real-time visualization during minimally-invasive procedures in a variety of neurosurgical applications. Intraoperative MRI provides real-time imaging through the use of an MR scanner while the patient remains on the operating table. Scanning may be performed pre-operatively, during procedures, or post-operatively.  The availability of high-resolution intraoperative MR images helps neurosurgeons visualize anatomy, confirm device placement, and plan for further surgical intervention.


When the hospital wanted to expand their patient services to include an intraoperative MRI, they turned to the expertise of ETS-Lindgren and IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging. 


IMRIS designed and managed the construction of the iMRI suite.  ETS-Lindgren provided the RF shielding to enable high-quality MR imaging without radio frequency (RF) interference. The high-powered magnet is sensitive to ferrous metals, so it was essential that the entire suite be shielded from the outside presence of metals which cause 'noise' that impacts the clarity of MR images. Throughout the course of the project, ETS-Lindgren worked closely with IMRIS to ensure the RF shielding integrated seamlessly within the iMRI suite.


In a hybrid operating room, safety is always top of mind. This begins with selecting products that meet hospital safety standards, beginning with restricted access to the room. While the MR scanner is in use, only trained staff members should have access. This is critical to the safety of patients and clinical staff.


ETS-Lindgren's TechGate safety system was installed near the intraoperative sliding door at the entrance of the suite to ensure the safety of all who enter the surgical suite. The TechGate automated technology has warning signs and lights which are connected to the hospital's fire alarm system. In the event of an emergency, RF door latches and seal mechanisms will release to allow for emergency egress. This enables MR technologists to have a smooth workflow while providing a safe work environment.


"Limiting access to the room while scanning is critical to the safety of patients and clinical staff. With the TechGate system, MR technologists will experience a smooth workflow in a safe work environment," said Jim Mueth, Manager Specialty Healthcare Sales with ETS-Lindgren.  "We also ensured the sliding doors in the suite are connected to the building's fire alarm system.  In the event of an emergency, all RF door latches and seal mechanisms will release for a quick exit.  The assurance of a safe working environment allows hospital personnel to focus on their patients."


Click here to learn more about the IMRIS Surgical Theatre at this leading hospital.  Read ETS-Lindgren's iMRI white paper to learn more about this new technology. 


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