MIMO Device Performance Measurements in a Wireless Environment Simulator Paper Included in IEEE EMC Society Top Downloads for 2018

"MIMO Device Performance Measurements in a Wireless Environment Simulator" Paper Included in IEEE EMC Society Top Downloads for 2018


CEDAR PARK, Texas August 21, 2019   The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society recently announced its top downloaded papers in 2018 for the publications Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine, pre-selected based on the statistics of the IEEE Xplore digital library (http://ieeexplore.ieee.org).  The IEEE EMC Society publishes the top downloaded paper abstracts quarterly to inform the technical and scientific community about contributions on a wide range of EMC topics, their authors and affiliations, with the goal of making the EMC field and its significance in a wide variety of applications - better known globally.


A paper by Michael D. Foegelle, Director of Technology Development with ETS-Lindgren, was included in the list of the top downloaded papers from 2018 published in the 2nd Quarter 2019 issue of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine.  Dr. Foegelle's paper, "MIMO Device Performance Measurements in a Wireless Environment Simulator", (IEEE Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/MEMC.2012.6397087) was originally published in the Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 4, pages 123 - 130, 4th Quarter 2012. 


In the paper, Dr. Foegelle notes that over-the-air performance testing of MIMO wireless devices requires the simulation of an RF environment similar to that experienced in the real world. "There are a number of standardized spatial channel models that are considered acceptable for evaluating MIMO performance of LTE devices. A number of different proposed methods for generating MIMO test environments are presented in the paper, but the ability of those methods to reproduce a target wireless channel, and the results they produce, vary," explained Dr. Foegelle.  "There are several methods provided for evaluating a spatial channel that are useful validation tools if the goal is to produce a specific known environment. The paper presents the results from several of those for different test cases," he added.


In addition, the paper reviews a set of reference device antenna systems that were developed to allow one MIMO radio to be tested with antennas designed to represent a range of "good", "nominal", and "bad" performance.  In this way, Dr. Foegelle notes the ability of a MIMO test system to provide a relative distinction between different levels of device performance may be assessed. The paper concludes with the results of this comparison for different system configurations and channel models and provides an indication of the suitability of these systems for evaluating MIMO device performance.   


Being included in the list of top downloaded papers in 2018 confirms the continued usefulness of this educational content since its publication in 2012.  Click here for more information on the paper (scroll to publication in December 2012).  


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