Innovative Magnetic Active Compensation System (MACS) Boosts Performance of 3T Magnet at Leading Hong Kong Hospital

CEDAR PARK, TEXAS, March 12, 2020 -  When a leading hospital in Kowloon, Hong Kong, could not achieve the optimal performance they expected from a newly installed 3T magnet in their MRI facility, what did they do   They contacted the Medical Shielding experts at ETS-Lindgren for assistance.  Hospital staff had noticed artifacts obscured the images and data produced by the magnet inside. Clear images and data are essential for proper diagnosis and treatment of patients.  Hospital management noticed their investment in a new magnet was not resulting in the additional patients and higher throughput they expected with a state-of-the-art 3T magnet. With the expertise gained from thousands of MRI installations worldwide, ETS-Lindgren's engineers knew robust RF shielding ensures clear images from a magnet that is free of RF artifacts.


"This was a high profile problem since it involved the first 3T magnet installation in Hong Kong," said Joel Kellogg, Director Business Development Healthcare, with ETS-Lindgren.   "Unfortunately for the hospital, our site surveys confirmed the inferior RF shield by an inexperienced contractor was not adequately protecting the magnet from electromagnetic interference (EMI) which adversely affected the System Performance Test (SPT) stability protocols of the 3T magnet.  Since the magnet was located below a high traffic parking garage, considerable EMI was adversely affecting the magnet's performance.  We were confident that our MACS solution would solve the problem." 


ETS-Lindgren connected a Magnetic Active Compensation System (MACS) to the compensation coils installed along the front and rear walls of the MRI facility.  The system provides high performance attenuation of dynamic environmental magnetic fields for MRI sites.  Installing the MACS was a much more cost effective solution than relocating the MRI facility and 3T magnet.


"After enhancing the shielding and MACS installation, we performed testing of the MRI facility to confirm performance improvement and functionality of the 3T magnet," added Mr. Kellogg.  "Working in partnership with the 3T magnet provider resulted in the desired outcome of images and data free from EMI artifacts.  We were happy to be part of a solution that benefitted patients, hospital staff and the magnet supplier."  To learn more about the MACS installation at the leading Hong Kong hospital, click here.


With decades of experience in RF and EMI shielded products and services for MRI applications, ETS-Lindgren offers a variety of standard and custom solutions for the healthcare industry.  Click here for more information on MRI shielding products. ETS-Lindgren also provides a full range of MRI services, including engineering and consulting, maintenance and upgrades, as well as site surveys.  Contact us at or call +1 (512) 531-6400 to discuss your healthcare requirements and learn how we can help.


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