Improving Project Outcomes with Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Unique In-House Capabilities Distinguish Leading RF Shielding Manufacturer

CEDAR PARK, Texas, September 14, 2018 - Since its launch in November 2010, ETS-Lindgren has continued to utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) for its significant projects involving the design and installation of a large RF shielded enclosure or anechoic chamber.  BIM is a process that enables better insight and predictability of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility - before it is built. It includes the generation of 3D digital representations of the structure's architecture as well as the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) so customers can see how the RF shielded enclosure or anechoic chamber will interface with their parent building.  BIM becomes a resource of shared knowledge, facilitating collaboration between customers, architects, and general contractors.  Projects using BIM result in lower expense and risk through reduced construction delays, rework, and/or onsite problems.  ETS-Lindgren is the only RF shielded enclosure and anechoic chamber manufacturer currently using BIM.


Juan Alvarez is the Director of Project Engineering and BIM Technologies with ETS-Lindgren.  He leads the veteran, in-house ETS-Lindgren Autodesk Certified Professional design team.  "BIM has been a great asset for our customers as they can visualize the completed project before it begins," said Mr.  Alvarez. "We understand that the large RF shielded enclosures and anechoic chambers we provide for the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test and measurement communities are a considerable investment for our customers.  By providing BIM, our customers now have a better understanding of the entire project and how to address any potential problems upfront, during the design phase.  The feedback from customers has been very rewarding to our engineering team!"


Jeff Bauer, VDC\BIM Manager with Turner Construction Company, commented, "ETS-Lindgren modeling is top notch in the context of other 'vendor type' designers or contractors that I have personally worked with. Most try and hire a third party to model for them. I have tried working with them a few times, and now completely refuse. They do not know what they are modeling, or do not have folks around them to QC the model; this turns into a disaster really fast. Please send that feedback to your BIM folks!"


All BIM files are provided in a 3D solid object format; no wire frame objects are used in any of the families.  The chamber is modeled to overall final dimensions.  Design software is compatible for direct importation into Navisworks, or customers can elect to receive the native files with an .nwc file extension.  All elevations of shielding objects are true and accurate per plans and specs; all MEP connections and penetrations into the chamber are modeled to size in their required locations.  All proprietary shielding models and families are created by and supervised by ETS-Lindgren's Director of Project Engineering and BIM Technologies.


To learn more about BIM and how it can ensure the success of your next large project, view an educational video.   You can meet Mr. Alvarez in the video and learn first-hand about the benefits of BIM.  Mr. Alvarez is also available to help customers develop or advance their BIM scope as it relates to the shielding construction.  ETS-Lindgren offers BIM services as part of a design and/or cost estimating contract for customers considering the installation of a large RF shielded enclosure or anechoic chamber.  For more information on ETS-Lindgren BIM solutions, visit or call +1 512.531.6400.

About ETS-Lindgren


ETS-Lindgren is an international manufacturer of components and systems that measure, shield, and control electromagnetic and acoustic energy. The company's products are used for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), microwave, wireless and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) testing, electromagnetic field (EMF) measurement, radio frequency (RF) personal safety monitoring, and control of acoustic environments.


Headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, ETS-Lindgren has manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ESCO Technologies, a leading supplier of engineered products for growing industrial and commercial markets. ESCO is a New York Stock Exchange listed company (symbol ESE) with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Additional information about ETS-Lindgren is available at Additional information about ESCO and its subsidiaries is available at



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