Expert Lecture Series on 5G Announced

Expert Lecture Series on 5G Announced

CEDAR PARK, Texas, May 3, 2017 ETS-Lindgren announced a series of educational lectures created to inform wireless device designers and manufacturers about the latest developments in the test and measurement of fifth generation (5G) devices. As the industry moves towards 5G wireless networks, the use of advanced adaptive antenna system (AAS) techniques as well as the expected move to millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies will have an unprecedented impact on existing radio frequency (RF) test methodologies of wireless devices. While Over-the-Air (OTA) testing will face its own challenges in adapting to new 5G radios and mmWave devices, test techniques that traditionally relied on direct cabled connector access to the radio will now face a complete paradigm shift in the way testing must be performed. In the lecture series, ETS-Lindgren experts will introduce the implications of the new 5G radio, review these complex test challenges, and share potential solutions to some of the problems outlined. The lectures will be held at the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) related events in San Diego, Seattle, Seoul, and Washington DC over the coming months. In addition, Michael Foegelle, Director of Technology Development with ETS-Lindgren, will present RF Measurement Challenges for Emerging 5G and Millimeter Wave Devices during a webinar hosted by IEEE Spectrum Magazine on May 31 at 12 pm Eastern time. Click here for more information and to register to attend the webinar.

Roger Hatch, Senior Director for Solutions Development at ETS-Lindgren, noted, The challenge with 5G and mmWave test and measurement requirements is there is no standard test environment. In fact, a custom solution is required, as each device manufacturer will have specific performance metrics. Some customers will also want to include RF and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance verification in their test requirements. He added, ETS-Lindgren is unique in having decades of experience in providing RF, EMC and OTA test and measurement solutions. Not only do we have the proven technical depth expected of an industry leader, but we also have the capability to work with our customers to provide the optimal test and measurement solution for their specific products.

ETS-Lindgrens involvement in the new 5G technologies is not surprising given the companys long history of being at the forefront of any new Over-the-Air (OTA) test requirements since the first adaptation of the CTIA Over-the-Air test plan. In December 2002, ETS-Lindgren manufactured the worlds first CTIA Approved Test Laboratory (CATL) for mobile station radiated performance testing. This pioneering achievement set the benchmark for accurate antenna pattern measurement a key metric for evaluating the performance of wireless devices. Today, more than 75% of the CATLs worldwide utilize ETS-Lindgrens solutions for radiated performance testing. Last year, CTIA introduced a next generation Over-the-Air test plan for Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) devices. In December 2016, ETS-Lindgren was included in the CTIA issued MIMO Authorized Equipment List as the first and only supplier that is able to provide a system level solution to conduct MIMO Over-the-Air measurements in accordance with the CTIA Test Plan for 2x2 Downlink MIMO and Transmit Diversity Over-the-Air Performance, Version 1.1.

To learn more about ETS-Lindgrens wireless solutions and capabilities, see Click here to receive more information about the 5G lectures noted above. If you are unable to travel and attend one of the 5G lectures, the lecture in Washington, DC on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 will be broadcast to a global audience as part of the 2017 IEEE International Symposium on EMC and Power/Signal Integrity on line technical program. For more information on the broadcast, visit

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