ETS-Lindgrens Antenna Measurement Systems Facilitate FR1 and FR2 OTA Performance Testing at Eurofins E&E North America

Santa Clara Facility Now Provides 5G OTA Solutions for Wireless and Radio Devices


CEDAR PARK, Texas June 25, 2020  In order to provide 5G FR1 sub-6 and 5G FR2 mmWave Over-the-Air (OTA) test services, Eurofins Electrical & Electronics (E&E) North America, part of the Eurofins global network of laboratories, turned to the experts at ETS-Lindgren.  The companies have enjoyed a long partnership with ETS-Lindgren providing several electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test chambers globally for Eurofins over many decades.  Now, as Eurofins expands to offer wireless and radio device testing, they enlisted the market leader in CTIA Approved Test Laboratories,   ETS-Lindgren, continuing their successful partnership.  ETS-Lindgren designed and installed a suite of three test chambers to expand the services Eurofins now offers to address a wide variety of wireless test requirements and devices.  The three chambers are located at the Eurofins facillty in Santa Clara, California.  Eurofins E&E North America is one of the first commercial wireless test labs with mmWave test capabilities.


For 5G FR1 (sub-6) OTA testing, Eurofins utilizes ETS-Lindgren's AMS-8815. This theta arm-based anechoic chamber features a frequency range of 400 MHz to 10 GHz, making it suitable for all 5G FR1 customer testing needs.  For 3GPP/CTIA performance 5G FR2 (mmWave) OTA testing, Eurofins utilizes ETS-Lindgren's AMS-5705 Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) chamber, an ideal solution for 5G mmWave OTA testing. The AMS-5705 is optimized to handle mmWave antenna arrays up to 30 cm in diameter and covers a frequency range of 24 GHz to 43.5 GHz.  The AMS-8923 is a dual-ring, multi-probe anechoic chamber, notable for its latest generation of antennas and extremely fast test speed over a wide frequency range of 590 MHz to 10 GHz.


All chambers are integrated with the MT8000A and MT8821C state-of-the-art equipment from Anritsu.  The instrumentation works seamlessly with ETS-Lindgren's industry leading antenna measurement software, EMQuest EMQ-100.  With the new suite of three turn-key 5G test chambers, Eurofins offers a wide range of OTA performance testing services for wireless and radio devices. 


"When planning for the new wireless test capabilities with Eurofins, we learned of their interest in developing a flexible, customized testing process to meet the specific requirements of their customers," said Jari Vikstedt, Director of Wireless Solutions with ETS-Lindgren.  "Once we understood their goals, we were able to design and install an antenna measurement system (AMS) that offers a wide variety of 5G FR1 and 5G FR2 test capabilities as well as legacy 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies with the Wi-Fi protocols.  We appreciate the continued confidence Eurofins has shown in entrusting ETS-Lindgren to expand their test capabilities to meet the demands of their valued customers   now and in the future."


"It is quite exciting for our Santa Clara facility to offer cutting-edge 5G wireless testing services," said Mark van Horck, Senior Vice President, E&E Product Testing International. "It was a priority for Eurofins E&E to acquire the equipment, experience, and expertise to provide the latest in wireless performance testing, inspection, and certification solutions."


Did you know ETS-Lindgren installed the world's first CTIA Authorized Test Lab  Our active contributions to CTIA and other industry standards organizations have resulted in many "industry first" efforts that advance the technology for wireless device test and measurement.  Customers rely on ETS-Lindgren's ongoing industry standards involvement to ensure they are prepared to meet not only today's standards, but tomorrow's as well.  Our latest technical advancements include dozens of customized 5G NR test systems to meet specific user requirements. 


Click here for more information on ETS-Lindgren's wireless test solutions, including the industry leading AMS family of test chambers and EMQuest antenna measurement software.  View a test demo of our new AMS-5705 5G Compact Antenna Test Range for array diameters up to 30 cm.  You'll find our solutions overview for 5G wireless testing here, as well as our new 5G upgrade package for existing OTA test systems, including those installed by ETS-Lindgren and other manufacturers.  Watch the Wireless Test Solutions Video for an overview of our capabilities and accreditations.  Let us assist you with your wireless test system requirements by contacting us online or calling us at +1 (512) 531-6400.


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