ETS-Lindgren Showcases New Products at EMC 2013

CEDAR PARK, Texas, July 26, 2013 - ETS-Lindgren announced several new products will debut at the 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) at the Colorado Convention Center. During the exhibition held on August 6 to 8, visitors to ETS-Lindgren Booth #401 will see new products from components to complete systems for EMC test and measurement. Application engineers will be on hand for live product demonstrations and to answer any technical questions a visitor may have.The new products include ETS-Lindgrens popular Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn and BiConiLog antennas - Models 3116C-PA, 3117-PA, and 3142E-PA - that are now available with matched pre-amplifiers. Significantly, the antenna is calibrated with the pre-amp as a single unit, so any possible mismatches between the antenna and pre-amplifier are taken into account in the published antenna factor (AF). Users benefit from lower uncertainty numbers and more accurate measurements. The Antenna Factor from the system calibration at ETS-Lindgrens A2LA accredited lab is provided with each shipment. For more information on these new antennas, click here.Visitors to ETS-Lindgrens Booth #401 will also see a new bore site antenna tower, Model 2171B, with a notably smaller footprint. The reduced size of the tower base allows users to easily position the antenna tower at the required 3 meter distance from the equipment under test (EUT) in a compact chamber. Convenience and capability combine in this new product.Test engineers will appreciate ETS-Lindgrens new low reflectivity EUT test table that has a very low dielectric constant. This reduces the tables influence on the test measurements, improving uncertainty values and resulting in more accurate and repeatable test results. This table was developed as a result of changes in ANSI C63.4 2013.A new anechoic absorber made with polystyrene will be introduced. It is made by infusing carbon into a Styrofoam substrate which is mated to ferrite tile for broadband performance and smooth termination. Benefits from this new absorber include high performance, lighter weight, durability and resistance to water.To protect against the growing threat of Intentional Electromagnetic Inference (IEMI) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP), ETS-Lindgren will launch a new line of pulse protection products featuring Red Edge Technology. These products include shielding, enclosures, filters and more.With the proliferation of wireless devices, efficiently and quickly testing the designs of wireless products becomes increasingly important. ETS-Lindgren will showcase a new reverberation chamber test system, Model AMS-7000, designed for the over-the-air (OTA) performance testing of wireless devices such as cell phones. With its long history and expertise in the design and manufacture of reverberation and anechoic chambers, ETS-Lindgren is uniquely capable of offering both wireless test solutions.Last, but not least, ETS-Lindgren will launch the new version 7.0 of TILE! This popular EMC test management software simplifies the testing process. It allows test engineers to seamlessly integrate their lab instrumentation and perform complex test routines, without having to become programmers. ETS-Lindgren will again sponsor the annual TILE! Users Group (TUG) meeting on Wednesday morning, August 7, at the Colorado Convention Center. For meeting details, click here.Please visit ETS-Lindgren in Booth #401 at the symposium exhibition to learn more about these exciting new products and see live demonstrations. For more information on the 2013 IEEE International Symposium on EMC, visit For more information on ETS-Lindgrens engineering contributions to the symposium technical program, click here.