ETS-Lindgren Now Offers CISPR 16 Antenna Pattern Measurements

Company's A2LA-Accredited Calibration Laboratory Expands Service Offerings

CEDAR PARK, Texas September 24, 2019 ETS-Lindgren announced its A2LA-Accredited Calibration Laboratory (Lab Cert #1207.01) now offers the antenna pattern measurement technique as described in CISPR 16-1-6: 2017 Annex I.   This is the measurement method required to demonstrate that an antenna complies with the patterns found in CISPR 16-1-4 for test site validation.  Additionally, CISPR 16-1-4 requires periodic verification of the antenna patterns of antennas used for test site validations.  The CISPR 16 antenna pattern evaluation, in the frequency range above 1 GHz, includes measurement uncertainty considerations and takes into account the influence of the antenna mast as well as the influence of the chamber. 


"This requirement involves the rigorous evaluation of each model antenna being measured in order to conform to the CISPR standards 16-1-4, 16-1-5, and 16-1-6 for measurements above 1 GHz", noted Doug Kramer, Director, Lab Services with ETS-Lindgren.  "The traceability on the antenna used for validation of a chamber or test site per CISPR 16-1-4/5 above 1 GHz is not a function of the antenna gain, but of the pattern - as measured using CISPR 16-1-6: 2017 Annex I - relative to a specified pattern as found in CISPR 16-1-4."  The process for the antenna pattern technique as defined in CISPR 16-1-6 includes an extensive measurement uncertainty process.  "Fortunately, our decades of experience in antenna calibration are a key advantage in understanding and complying with the CISPR measurement uncertainty specifications," Mr. Kramer added.


The CISPR 16 family of standards is intertwined as CISPR 16-1-4 addresses the performance of equipment for the measurement of radiated disturbances, CISPR 16-1-5 addresses antenna calibration sites as well as reference test sites, and CISPR 16-1-6 addresses the calibration of antennas.  Together these standards provide comprehensive criteria to validate test sites and the antennas used to perform compliance measurements and calibrations.


ETS-Lindgren's calibration team includes trained technicians led by experienced engineers using state-of-the-art equipment. The A2LA-Accredited Calibration Laboratory is equipped with calibrated instrumentation traceable to National Metrology Institutes (NMI), several anechoic chambers, test cells, and an outdoor 80 m x 50 m welded steel ground plane for antenna calibration.

ETS-Lindgren offers calibration services for ALL brands of antennas, current clamps, probes, cables and attenuators.  In addition, basic repairs of most components is available upon request.  All calibrations are accompanied with a signed certificate and can be supplied with correction factors (where applicable) in electronic format, for easy loading into a customer's computerized instrumentation and software.   Click here for more information on ETS-Lindgren's calibration services, including the Calibration Service Plus! program a convenient way to schedule and manage your test equipment calibrations.  Let us assist you with your CISPR antenna pattern and calibration requirements by contacting us online or calling +1 (512) 531-6400.


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