ETS-Lindgren MRI Shielding Goes Mobile

STEVENAGE, United Kingdom, November 18, 2013 ETS-Lindgren, an industry leader in the design and installation of MRI suites for hospitals and imaging facilities globally, has taken its expertise on the road literally. The company has expanded its MRI shielding capabilities to mobile MRI service providers. Mobile MRI refers to imaging in a mobile environment, such as a mobile home or other large vehicle. The service is increasingly popular as it offers drive up convenience to community hospitals, health clubs, extended care facilities and the like who do not have on site or easy access to facilities with MRI suites. As with any stationary magnet, mobile MRI requires a sound RF shielded environment, specialty doors and components to ensure optimal operation of the magnet and image quality. ETS-Lindgren works with mobile MRI service providers to design and install the RF shielding needed to ensure seamless operation with the vehicle and the magnet for ultimate patient comfort.We faced a challenge in expediting the shielding of our latest mobile MRI van, said Dr. Simon Pickering, Director of VanScan Ltd, a well-known mobile MRI service provider located in the United Kingdom (UK). ETS-Lindgren provided the expertise to work with us quickly in creating the ideal shielded environment for our Esaote O scanner. This specialty scanner offers high quality images of knees, ankles, feet, elbows, wrists and hands. It was critical to have excellent shielding in order to achieve and maintain the high quality images in a mobile environment, he added.With decades of experience in RF shielded products and services for MRI, ETS-Lindgren offers a variety of standard and custom solutions for the medical industry. Click here for more information on MRI shielding products and services, including engineering and consulting, maintenance and upgrades, as well as site surveys. Contact us at VanScan LtdVanScan Ltd was set up by two Orthopaedic Surgeons, Simon Pickering and Robert Straw. VanScan Ltd offers a unique, mobile scanning service called MRIVanScan. MRIVanScan is different from many existing mobile MRI providers, focusing on extremity scanning - knees, ankles, feet, wrists, hands and elbows. A first of its kind in Europe and the UK, our extremity MRI scanner is based in a mobile home sized vehicle allowing us to scan almost anywhere. The vehicle is power independent and we have a rapid set up time, enabling us to pull up anywhere and be ready to scan within minutes. VanScan Ltd has a number of NHS contracts in place, as well as being available to the private healthcare market. For more information see our website .