ETS-Lindgren Hosts LIVE Automotive EMC Round Table at EMV 2021

CEDAR PARK, Texas February 4, 2021 ETS-Lindgren will host the Virtual Round Table "Novel Solutions to Complex Automotive EMC Test Challenges" during EMV 2021, Europe's leading conference for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).  The Round Table will be held on Thursday, March 25, from 3:00 4:00 pm Central European Time.  Round Table speakers include experts from industry and academia, including Garth D'Abreu, Director, Automotive Solutions with ETS-Lindgren; Frank Leferink, - Chair EMC with University of Twente / Technical Authority EMC with THALES Nederland; and Mario Propst, Senior Application Manager (E-Drive Testing) with AVL.  During the Round Table session, attendees will learn about the latest challenges, solutions, and enhancements to traditional anechoic and reverberation test chambers to meet today's demand for multi-purpose, compact, and real-world yet economical test facilities.  Following brief presentations by each of the speakers, attendees are invited to ask questions.  The entire Round Table session will be held LIVE on the EMV 2021 conference platform. 


"We are excited to discuss the latest R&D on Automotive EMC Technology during the Round Table session at EMV.  With increasing levels of autonomy becoming more prevalent, the corresponding technology is developing rapidly," said Mr. D'Abreu.  "At the same time, there is growing concern about the operational reliability of these vehicles with their sophisticated levels of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) capabilities.  ADAS features, including adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency breaking, lane departure warning systems, and blind spot warning, to name a few, are standard features drivers have come to expect and increasingly rely on.  Some of these features are now mandatory requirements for new production vehicles manufactured in Europe.  This topic is a good fit for the European audience especially, but since the conference is virtual this year, we hope others interested in the latest developments will join in, as well." 


Connectivity is also becoming a more prevalent component of the progressively autonomous vehicle.  To ensure the safety and reliability of these ADAS features, including robust connectivity, today's increasingly automated vehicles must be tested in real-world representative environments.  This requirement adds new complexity to traditional automotive EMC test environments with various system emulators added to dynamometers as critical components of modern automotive test environments.  


Garth D'Abreu and Frank Leferink are popular speakers at the annual EMV conference.  They are well known for their expertise and the practical, educational content of their presentations.  Mario Propst is new to the EMV conference; his expertise integrating dynamometers into automotive EMC test chambers is valued due to the new complexity this adds to replicating real-world test environments.


ETS-Lindgren will also have a virtual booth during the EMV conference held from March 22 - 26, 2021.  We welcome visitors to review our new series of E-Motor Test Solutions addressing the emerging requirements of e-motor EMC performance validation and compliance testing.  These Solutions extend EMC support of full vehicles and electric/electronic sub-assembly (ESA) testing to meet the requirements of industry standards CISPR 12, Ed. 6.1; CISPR 25, Ed. 4; ISO 11451-2; and ISO 11452-2.  

Given the increasingly complex testing of today's modern automotive technology, ETS-Lindgren has created automated test software that greatly enhances and simplifies test productivity: TILE! and VisionTRX.  TILE! Totally Integrated Laboratory Environment system software is an integrated test environment for creating and performing EMC tests.  TILE!'s library of profiles is designed for testing to international test regulations for radiated emissions and immunity (RE, RI) and conducted emissions and immunity (CE, CI).  Since TILE! is instrument-agnostic, it can be used with most test instrumentation our customers may already have onsite.  Our VisionTRX Visual Monitoring System software redefines automated movement-based analysis of equipment under test (EUT) during EMC testing.  In order to verify EUT behavior, the software allows automated visual monitoring of relevant parameters during exposure to the required electromagnetic field strengths.  EUT may include speedometer needles, dash lights, LEDs, radios, heads-up displays, etc. the possibilities are limitless.  VisionTRX and TILE! provide the flexibility to adapt to varied automotive test requirements, including efficient interface with related instrumentation and systems software such as that controlling a dynamometer.  ETS-Lindgren's software ensures the entire automotive test system works together seamlessly.  The result  Our customers are confidently and productively testing from their first test program!


Please visit our booth at EMV 2021 to learn more about our software as well as our range of Automotive EMC and Antenna Pattern Measurement Solutions for ADAS, electric vehicle, and connected vehicle testing.  Our Automotive Testing Solutions video and Top 10 Considerations for Automotive EMC Chamber Design and Testing brochure provide helpful insight into today's dynamic automotive EMC test and measurement industry.


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