ETS-Lindgren Announces Technical Contributions to EMC Europe 2020

Reverberation Chamber Paper Recognized as "Best Paper Candidate"

CEDAR PARK, Texas, September 17, 2020 - ETS-Lindgren announced its technical contributions to EMC Europe 2020, the leading annual conference on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in Europe.  The Symposium will be held virtually from September 23 - 25.  The contributions include a research paper presentation and a workshop.  ETS-Lindgren is also proud to be an exhibitor as part of the Virtual Exhibition and to support the distinguished EMC Europe Steering Committee.  Please visit ETS-Lindgren during the Virtual Exhibition to learn about our latest products and services. 


ETS-Lindgren's technical contributions will be featured on Friday, September 25.  From 8:00 am 10:00 am Central European Time (CET), Zhong Chen, Director of RF Engineering with ETS-Lindgren, and Anoop Adhyapak, Senior RF Engineer with ETS-Lindgren, will present in the workshop "Debugging a Failed EMC Chamber Above 1 GHz Using Time Domain Measurements."  The workshop is based on the time domain measurement method published in the ANSI C63.25.1 standard "Validation Methods for Radiated Emission Test Sites, 1 GHz to 18 GHz." 


Mr. Chen will lead off the workshop with the presentation "Using the Time Domain sVSWR Method per ANSI C63.25.1 for Fast and Effective Test Site Validation and Chamber Failure Analysis."  If an anechoic chamber fails a performance validation test above 1 GHz using the sVSWR method specified in CISPR 16, it is very difficult to identify the root cause of the failure.  Conducting the root cause analysis and identifying the failure through the conventional sVSWR method is often time-consuming and involves a cumbersome trial-and-error approach.  However, using the time domain measurement technique, Mr. Chen will explain how these measurements can be significantly expedited as well as made more precisely and reliably.  He will also show that the ANSI C63.25.1 measurement results closely correlate with those obtained using the site validation method specified in CISPR 16.


To educate attendees on the nuances of the time domain measurement technique, Mr. Adhyapak will present "A Hands-On Approach Showing the Time Domain Measurement Process, the Data Post-Processing, and Analysis of the Results."  This unique presentation will include a live demonstration of actual measurements taken in a semi-anechoic 3-meter chamber.  After watching the presentation, which describes how time domain measurements "work" and includes a video of actual measurements taken in a 3-meter chamber, attendees will understand how to apply time domain measurement techniques in their chambers. 


An active member of the ANSI ASC C63 committee, Mr. Chen is also chair of Subcommittee 1, responsible for antenna calibration and chamber/test site validation standards, including ANSI C63.25.1-2018.  "We started looking at the time domain measurement technique at the request of members of ANSI C63 who operated EMC test labs," said Mr. Chen.  "The site validation technique described in the CISPR 16 standard could take up to one full day to complete.  Further, if deficiencies were identified with the CISPR 16 method, it was literally like trying to find a needle in a haystack to pinpoint the problem.  Now, with the time domain measurement technique, site validation can typically be accomplished in less than two hours.  That's a big time and cost savings for EMC test labs."  Added Mr. Adhyapak, "In addition to a faster test time, the method is effective in precisely identifying where a chamber is failing.  This is helpful for older chambers where a retrofit with new absorber may significantly improve chamber performance.  I provide an example of how to easily identify potential problem areas of a chamber in my presentation."  A live extended question-and-answer session with the speakers will conclude the workshop.


On Friday afternoon, September 25, from 4:40 pm 5:00 pm CET, in conjunction with ETS-Lindgren's Director of Technology Development and Test Solutions Michael Foegelle, Mr. Chen will present the paper "A Geometric Optics Congruent Monte Carlo Model for Reverberation Chambers" in Technical Session 21.  This paper has been recognized as a candidate for the "Best Paper Award" of the conference.  Reverberation chambers are an attractive, cost-effective test environment for many applications.  In this paper, a novel solution provides a practical and efficient means to simulate specific scenarios in a reverberation chamber, including incorporating non-ideal effects, investigating propagation channels for wireless communications, estimating maximum fields for EMC immunities, and understanding field distributions or couplings for radiated emissions measurements.


For more information on EMC Europe 2020, click here.  Please see the Final Program for the full schedule of all presentations.


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