ETS-Lindgren Announces Expanded Service Offerings in Europe

New Services Offered Ensure Peak Performance for EMC and Wireless Test Labs

CEDAR PARK, Texas January 22, 2017 Following the December 2015 opening of ETS-Lindgrens European Service Center located in the Netherlands, the company announced the expansion of its service team to offer additional, essential services in Europe. The expanded team now offers Service Agreements for RF shielded chamber and door maintenance, chamber and component calibration, system training, software support, component repair, and emergency service all designed to minimize and eliminate costly downtime experienced by a test lab when critical equipment is not functioning properly or worse, stops working. As a result, peak performance is ensured for EMC and wireless test labs. Service Agreements are customized to meet the specific objectives and optimal schedule of the test lab, while maintaining the traceability of measurements for all calibrations performed.

As a leader in the EMC and wireless test and measurement industry, with thousands of chamber installations completed over the decades, we are well-aware of the challenge of managing a test lab. However, we recognize the value of proactive lab management, such as timely scheduling of calibrations and maintenance of test and measurement equipment to eliminate downtime in the test chamber, said Joel Kellogg, Director of Global Services for ETS-Lindgren. In creating our largest European service team to date, we have responded to customer requests to help them maintain their labs so they can do what they do best test products for their customers so they can get to market on time and on budget. Its a big relief for our customers to let us take care of the proactive planning and maintenance of their EMC or wireless test lab to ensure peak performance 24 hours a day, he added.

In addition to the new Service Agreements, ETS-Lindgrens European Service Center continues to offer calibration and repair services for EMC products by most manufacturers, in addition to those manufactured by ETS-Lindgren. Calibrations are available for most test and measurement components including EMC and wireless antennas, EMC field probes, LISNs, current probes, couplers and attenuators. Additionally, maintenance and repair are available for EMC field probes and microwave oven devices with plans to add maintenance and repair services for antennas. Mr. Kellogg confirmed, We make things easy for our customers to send all their EMC antennas, for example, to one calibration and repair service center rather than their sending piecemeal shipments to several different calibration service providers.

The European service team includes highly trained professionals with significant experience in the EMC and wireless industry. This talented group also has immediate access to ETS-Lindgren's full team of RF engineering experts. Should customers have any questions about maintenance or calibrations, the knowledgeable ETS-Lindgren representatives provide fast, attentive response and personalized assistance. Proprietary software for superior calibration accuracy, NIST-traceable equipment and ISO 9001-compliant processes ensure the high quality of calibration and repair services expected of a world leader.

To learn more about customized Service Agreements or to schedule a calibration or repair at the ETS-Lindgren European Service Center, please contact our regional representatives and regional sales directors. To contact a local representative, use Rep Finder. For more information, contact ETS-Lindgren at or phone +1 512.531.6400 or +358 2 8383 300 to reach a member of our customer care team.

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