EMI Artifacts in Imaging Modalities Solving a Growing Problem

CEDAR PARK, TEXAS, April 9, 2020 - Clear images and data are essential for proper diagnosis and treatment of patients following a mammography scan.  Unfortunately, electromagnetic interference (EMI), commonly generated by facility electrical systems, may interfere with imaging detectors resulting in image degradation.  The presence of EMI may create image artifacts hindering the quality of images, potentially resulting in an incorrect diagnosis and treatment plan as well as a reduction in patient throughput at an imaging facility.  Since imaging facilities are a major investment for the healthcare industry, the appearance of image artifacts is a significant problem with tremendous implications on the quality of patient care and reputation of the facility.  Fortunately, ETS-Lindgren's engineers knew how to solve this problem to ensure clear images - free of artifacts - on scans taken with MRIs and other imaging modalities, including mammography systems.  Their expertise is the result of having completed thousands of healthcare shielding installations worldwide.


"Over the last few years, we have seen more and more instances of imaging facilities being negatively impacted by EMI, which often results in artifacts appearing on scans.   With the greater power demands of facilities and the EMI sensitivity of some imaging modalities increasing, this is a growing problem," said Joel Kellogg, Director Business Development Healthcare, with ETS-Lindgren.  "As we speak with our customers and address their imaging equipment siting challenges or site specific issues such as radio frequency (RF) and EMI artifacts, we often refer people to an article about how ETS-Lindgren helped solve the problem of EMI artifacts at The Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center, in Columbus, OH.  While this article applies to mammography specifically, it also highlights the potential for other sensitive detectors in the healthcare industry to suffer similar issues due to EMI.  We find that OEMs as well as the healthcare facilities themselves appreciate the level of detail in this article."


The article "Shielding a high-sensitivity digital detector from electromagnetic interference" appeared in the 2018 Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.  "It is interesting to note that the article references two pillars of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society, the late Richard B. Schulz and Henry Ott.  Since ETS-Lindgren is very active in the EMC Society, this article blends our joint interests," added Mr. Kellogg.


With decades of experience in RF and EMI shielded products and services for MRI and other imaging applications, ETS-Lindgren offers a variety of standard and custom solutions for the healthcare industry.  Click here for more information on MRI shielding products, including our Magnetic Active Cancellation System (MACS/D) to correct the adverse effects of EMI at an imaging facility.  ETS-Lindgren also provides a full range of services, including engineering and consulting, maintenance and upgrades, as well as site surveys.  Contact us at info@ets-lindgren.com or call +1 (512) 531-6400 to discuss your healthcare requirements and learn how we can help.


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