Custom Acoustic Chamber Boosts Research Capabilities at Boys Town National Research Hospital

Custom Acoustic Chamber Boosts Research Capabilities at

Boys Town National Research Hospital


CEDAR PARK, Texas March 22, 2019   ETS-Lindgren and Eclipse Acoustic Solutions announced their partnership on a custom acoustic chamber for the internationally recognized Boys Town National Research Hospital - a leader in clinical and research programs focusing on childhood deafness, visual impairment and related communication disorders.  Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Boys Town is a national organization that reaches communities from coast to coast.  Since 1917, Boys Town has given thousands of children the support and education they need to succeed.  In the Research Hospital laboratory, the new customized chamber will further the specific research needs of the physicians to support Boys Town patients.   Working closely with its valued partner Eclipse Acoustic Solutions, a turn-key equipment supplier and integrator, ETS-Lindgren designed a custom chamber for audio and acoustic research measurements.  Its baseline design provides a 100 Hz and above anechoic free field for precise sound localization and speech processing research.  The customized chamber ensures Boys Town's diverse audiology and research needs are met for acoustic performance, integration and efficient space utilization. 


ETS-Lindgren's customized Model A100-1.0, acoustic chamber with overall dimensions of 19' 10" x 18'-6" x 15'-1" (6.05m x 5.64m x 4.60m) will meet the acoustical concept of the physicians as well as the space constraints of hospital.  The chamber features a precision-grade free field environment used to measure sound source directivity, frequency response, and noise emissions from spherically radiating sound sources.  It also enables directional hearing and perception research.  Some examples of devices that require a similar acoustic environment include loudspeakers, microphones, and telephones.


"We are proud of our long relationship with Boys Town National Research Hospital and Eclipse Acoustic Solutions," said Scott Dunlap, Manager, Acoustic Sales for ETS-Lindgren.  "Both organizations share our commitment to high quality products and services; they are not only willing, but capable of pushing the boundary to create custom solutions so we can better serve the patients at Boys Town.  Our collective expertise and shared vision makes the partnership especially rewarding."   To learn more about ETS-Lindgren's long history with Boys Town and Eclipse Acoustic Systems, click here.


ETS-Lindgren is the most vertically-integrated audiometric and acoustic test solution supplier in the industry. The company owns and operates five factories that design and manufacture over 90% of the key chamber components including acoustic panel systems, doors, and HVAC silencers; nearly eliminating reliance on third party suppliers.  Control over manufacturing enables ETS-Lindgren to tailor product performance to meet specific test applications and efficiently support future operational requirements.  You'll find this value in ETS-Lindgren's full line of audiometric, mini screen hearing, anechoic, hemi-anechoic, predictable field, and acoustic test chambers.  Click here for more information on ETS-Lindgren's acoustic products and services, including its accredited Acoustic Research Lab (NVLAP Lab Code 100286-0).  In addition to standardized testing, the Acoustic Research Lab offers customized test programs to answer client-specific product research and development needs, provide independently proven product noise emission information, and ensure product compliance requirements.  Let us assist you with your audiometric and acoustic requirements by contacting us online, or calling us at +1 (512) 531-6400.


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ETS-Lindgren is an international manufacturer of components and systems that measure, shield, and control electromagnetic and acoustic energy. The company's products are used for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), microwave and wireless testing, electromagnetic field (EMF) measurement, radio frequency (RF) personal safety monitoring, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and control of acoustic environments.


Headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, ETS-Lindgren has manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ESCO Technologies, a leading supplier of engineered products for growing industrial and commercial markets. ESCO is a New York Stock Exchange listed company (symbol ESE) with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Additional information about ETS-Lindgren is available at Additional information about ESCO and its subsidiaries is available at


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