BIG 5G Event Returns to Virtual and Physical Formats in Denver!

ETS-Lindgren to Showcase Antenna Measurement Systems at Leading Telco Conference


CEDAR PARK, TX August 19, 2021 Some 3,000 5G industry professionals will descend upon the Colorado Convention Center in Denver from August 31 to September 2, 2021, to attend 5G World Series' BIG 5G Event.  The BIG 5G Event features a large exhibition of 5G product and service providers as well as a series of presentations by more than 170 leaders in the telco industry, specialist workshops, and show floor theaters.  Notably, 3GPP is a strategic partner of the BIG 5G Event.  Visit the ETS-Lindgren team in Booth #B803 to learn more about the company's wireless test solutions for meeting 3GPP TR 38.810, as well as other wireless industry standards such as IEEE 802.11, FCC Part 30 (ANSI C63), and CTIA Certification.  ETS-Lindgren antenna measurement systems (AMS) are designed for RF engineering and antenna design R&D as well as over-the-air (OTA) performance verification testing of 5G and mmWave devices in accordance with these wireless industry standards.


"Our team is happy to be back in person at the BIG 5G Event this year," said ETS-Lindgren's Frans Stork, Director, Regional Sales, Americas West.  "My home state of Colorado is a hub for innovation in the wireless industry. For instance, the R&D underway at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder and at BluFlux in Louisville, where we recently provided our Model AMS-5703 Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) to expand its R&D activity and test capabilities.  We look forward to assisting NIST, BluFlux, and other leading wireless companies with their 5G and mmWave antenna measurement requirements."


ETS-Lindgren delivers a variety of standard and customized AMS solutions for wireless testing to cover the lower and higher frequency ranges of FR1 and FR2.  For example, Model AMS-5703 is designed for performing dual-axis, 3-dimensional radiated OTA performance measurements of 5GNR wireless devices, with or without antenna feed ports.  With a 60 cm diameter quiet zone, Model AMS-5703 supports bands n257, n258, n260, and n261, over the frequency range of 24 to 43.5 GHz per 3GPP TR 38.810.  Model AMS-8923 supports the frequency range of 700 MHz to 6 GHz for radiated wireless antenna measurements with test packages to support Cellular, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, LTE- SISO (FDD/TDD), and MIMO OTA Testing Capabilities.


These wireless test chambers feature ETS-Lindgren's industry-leading EMQuest EMQ-100 software interface for FR1 and FR2 test requirements.  EMQuest EMQ-100 offers a wide range of fully parameterized test methods for measuring basic antenna performance metrics, as well as for testing both radiated and conducted performance of various wireless devices.  Flexible in its design, EMQuest EMQ-100 can be used to analyze antennas in stand-alone applications or to test an embedded antenna system and radio module against any of the industry standard OTA radiated performance test requirements.  EMQuest software is instrumentation brand-agnostic, giving test labs the ability to use existing instruments as well as those that may be purchased in the future.  The flexibility to move between chamber and instrument vendors also keeps the focus on becoming the best-in-class and serving the wants and needs of the software users.   


In addition to the software and chamber, a key component of OTA testing is the positioning system.  ETS-Lindgren's Model 2304 Precision Multi-Axis Positioning System (MAPS) can be used in a wide range of test facilities for performing 2-cut, 3-cut and spherical EIRP, TRP, and antenna pattern measurements.  View the video here to learn how the positioner contributes to successful testing.


Did you know ETS-Lindgren also provides on-site installation, on-site integration, on-site training, and CTIA Certification system, as well as audit assistance for its wireless test systems  ETS-Lindgren is the first company to have received the CTIA Authorized Test Lab distinction in 2002.  Today, more than 80% of the CTIA OTA labs worldwide utilize ETS-Lindgren's solutions for OTA radiated performance testing. 


ETS-Lindgren has upgraded several existing FR1 OTA test systems for 5GNR, as well as designed and installed new FR2 systems with quiet zones as large as 1.5 m for mmWave bands.  Click here for more information on ETS-Lindgren's wireless test solutions, including the industry-leading AMS family of test chambers and EMQuest antenna measurement software.  View a test demo of the AMS-5705 5G Compact Antenna Test Range for array diameters up to 30 cm.  You'll find a solutions overview for 5G wireless testing here as well as a 5G upgrade package for existing OTA test systems installed by ETS-Lindgren or other manufacturers.  Watch the Wireless Test Solutions Video to learn about ETS-Lindgren's capabilities and accreditations.  For assistance with your wireless test system requirements, please contact ETS-Lindgren online  or call +1 (512) 531-6400.


While the BIG 5G Physical Event takes place from August 31 to September 2, there is also a Virtual Event from August 30 to September 3.  For more information on the BIG 5G Event, click here


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