Annual TILE! Users Group Meeting Announced

CEDAR PARK, Texas, July 1, 2013 ETS-Lindgren announced that it will again sponsor the annual meeting of the TILE! Users Group (TUG). The meeting will be held on Wednesday morning, August 7 at the Colorado Convention Center in conjunction with the 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) in Denver. TILE! users and those interested in learning more about this popular EMC test management software are invited to register to attend the meeting at TUG Meeting Registration. Users can also log in at this site to read or post information related to TILE! software.EMC testing is complex and requires multiple instruments working in unison to ensure data gathered is coherently assembled in order to determine product compliance. TILE! EMC test management software simplifies the process. It allows test engineers to seamlessly integrate their lab instrumentation and perform complex test routines, without having to become programmers. Engineers and lab technicians appreciate expediting time to run a complete test and the convenience of accurate, automated test reports.At this years meeting, we are excited to showcase the latest 7.0 version of TILE!, said Michael Christopher, Director, Software Engineering for ETS-Lindgren. Automating the EMC test process has the benefits of improving measurement accuracy and repeatability while also increasing test throughput. With the new version, its easy to use simulated EMC instruments to measure, develop, edit, and validate EMC test routines.Other notable features of the 7.0 version of TILE! include Windows 8 compatibility, better access with settings and drivers, enhanced user interface, expanded features for testing in a reverberation chamber, and most notably, new interactive capabilities with EMQuest - ETS-Lindgrens antenna measurement software.Further information about TILE! software and support is available at