MF-130D RF Test Set
​The RF Attenuation Meter MF-130D was designed to simplify the checking of the performance of a shielded enclosure.



​With the possibility of generating eight frequencies, the engineer is able to check the shielding effectiveness very quickly. The measurement can be done at four frequencies: 8 MHz, 16 MHz, 32 MHz and 64 MHz. The measurements can be performed according to the following standards: MIL-STD-285 NSA 65-6 IEEE STD-299 MF-130D consists of portable, NiCd battery operated transmitter and receiver. Frequency and attenuation calibration is automatically operated by a microprocessor.

The receiver is equipped with an LCD-display which shows the attenuation in dB at the normal operational mode. An alarm sound is heard when the attenuation is less than the selected level at the preset limit mode. 

Saving and downloading the measured data You can save 63 attenuation levels at each frequency. You can download these saved values to a computer through a serial (RS-232) connection. 

The MF-130D Attenuation Meter set is provided with two diskettes. These diskettes are for downloading the measuring information into a computer. One diskette is for a Windows 3.1x operating system and the other is for a Windows 95 operating system.
Measuring magnetic attenuation according to NSA 65-6 / IEEE STD-299: Place the receiver and the transmitter as shown in the figure above at the point to be measured with the receiver inside the enclosure and the transmitter outside. 

The attenuation value may now be read from the meter. Measuring magnetic attenuation according to MIL-STD-285: Place the receiver and the transmitter as shown in the figure above. Turn the antenna of the receiver and the transmitter to find out the minimum attenuation reading.

Key Product Information

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  • Software to Download Test Data
  • One Transmit and One Receive Unit
  • Two Battery Chargers
  • Carrying Case



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MF-130D RF Test Set RF Test Set

Key Features

  • Simple and quick operation
  • Generates up to 8 frequencies
  • Portable battery operastions
  • Audio alerts
  • Measures to standards of MIL-STD-285, NSA 65-6, IEEE STD-299

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