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Air: 6.1 bar; 90 psi (pneumatic polarization version only)
I.O. Ports: 1 ST Fiber Optic Input
Interface Device: 500 mA; 12 VDC
Power Input: 60 Hz
Power Supply: 160 mA; 120 VAC
Maximum Height: 218 cm (85.83 in)
Minimum Height: 0.9 m (2.95 ft)
Nominal Height: 218 cm (85.83 in)
Weight: 26 kg (57.32 lb)
Nominal Load Capacity: 13.5 kg (29.76 lb)
Primary Composition: Fiberglass
Thread: 1/4 in x 20

  • 7-TR; Basic Tripod with Straight Boom
  • 7-TR/POL; Tripod Assembly with Pneumatic Polarization, Boom Assembly Not Included
  • 7-TR/POL-M; Tripod Assembly with Manual Polarization, Boom Assembly Not Included

  • Cross Boom Assemblies:
    • Boom Assembly, Straight (109042)             
    • Boom Assembly, Offset/Stinger (108983)
    • Boom Assembly, Offset Boom for 3106B (108570)
    • Boom Assembly, Stinger Mount Only (114141)



4-TR Tripod Positioner ​​ETS-Lindgren's Model 4-TR Positioner Tripod is compatible with most ETS-Lindgren antennas.
7-TR Tripod Positioner ​​ETS-Lindgren's Model 7-TR Tripod is compatible with most ETS-Lindgren antennas.

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