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Option RE - Height (Overall): 35.79 cm (14.09 in)
Option RE - Diameter (Overall): 41.91 cm (16.50 in)

  • KYDEX Vacuum Formed Enclosure
  • Feed Through Connectors
  • Mounting Plate and Brackets
    Radome Enclosed Antenna Mounting Plate



Custom Antenna Radome Enclosure ​ETS-Lindgren's Custom Antenna Radome Enclosure offers a weatherproof environment for our most popular horn antennas.

Key Features

  • ​ Offers Protection in Harsh Environments KYDEX® Radome Material Provides:
    • Low Dielectric Constant
    • Hydrophobic Properties
    • UV Stability
    • Resistance to Flammability
    • Mounting Plate Available for These Antennas:
      • Model 3115 Horn
      • Model 3116 Horn
      • Model 3117 Horn
      • Model 3160-05 through 3160-10 Horns
      • Model 3164-05 Horn

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