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Acoustic and wireless product testing is available at ETS-Lindgren.

Acoustic Testing

Acoustic testing is performed in our NVLAP accredited laboratory (NVLAP lab code 100286-0). In addition to standardized testing, ARL also conducts customized test programs to answer client-specific product research and development needs, to develop trustworthy independently proven product marketing information, or ensure product compliance requirements.

The ETS-Lindgren ARL is comprised of: multiple acoustic test chambers, state-of-the-art measurement equipment and customized software, and expert staff. The entire laboratory operates under a quality system that meets the strict requirements of ISO 17025:2005, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.
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    Hemi-Anechoic Chamber

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    Reverberation Chambers and Transmission Loss Test System

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    Impedance Tubes

Wireless Testing

In 2002, we became the first CTIA Authorized Test Lab (CATL) for mobile station OTA performance testing. We also offer A-GPS and MIMO testing. ETS-Lindgren worked closely with the CTIA ERP Working Group to develop the industry's antenna test plan. Leading wireless equipment manufacturers throughout the world have purchased our measurement systems for their own labs. Our knowledge of the standards and practical experience with customers means we are efficient with your lab time and can help you bring your products to market more quickly.

Site Surveys and Field Testing

ETS-Lindgren also provides field testing services at client sites globally. Acoustic field testing services include qualification of anechoic and hemi-anechoic chambers (in accordance with ISO 3744 or ISO 3745), qualification of reverberation chambers (in accordance with ISO 3741, ASTM C423, and other reverberation chamber-based test standards), environmental noise surveys, and in-situ testing of sound barriers or sound isolating enclosures. Portable microphone positioning systems, sound sources, and laptop-based data acquisition systems allow for precision testing at your location.
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