Key Product Information

​Controlled Test Environment

The HATS enclosure isolates and controls acoustic energy to provide the ideal small device testing environment of cell phones, small electronics, and hearing aids. The HATS acoustic enclosure features a high performance design with 10.2 cm (4 in) thick acoustic walls, 15.24 cm (6 in) acoustic wedges, and an isolated stand with casters.

Easy Access Slide-out Tray

A slide-out perforated-steel tray allows easy access and adjustment of the small device under test. The enclosure and isolated stand are designed to split in half without the use of tools, allowing it to fit through a standard door opening. This allows the unit to be relocated with ease.

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Exterior Chamber Length11.45 m
4.75 ft
Exterior Chamber Width11.42 m
4.67 ft
Exterior Chamber Height11.66 m
5.45 ft
Interior Chamber Length.92 m
3.02 ft
Interior Chamber Width.91 m
2.99 ft
Interior Chamber Height1.07 m
3.50 ft

1 Dimensions shown are external dimentions without wall or roof mounted silencers. 





​Standard Configuration

  • Acoustic Door
  • Head and Torso Testing of:
    —— Cell Phones
    —— Telephone Handset
    —— Hearing Aids
    —— Headphones
    —— In-ear Devices
    —— Wearable Devices
  • Quality Assurance/Comparative Analysis
  • Testing Noise Emissions of Small Parts or Components
  • IT Product Noise Testing
  • Acoustic Walls, Ceiling and Floor
  • 15.24 cm (6 in ) Acoustic Wedges
  • Vibration Isolated Stand with Casters
  • Tool-free Split-in-half Design
  • Cable Ports
    —— One ea. 5.1 cm (2 in)
    —— One ea. 2.5 cm (1 in)



Acoustic Doors​ETS-Lindgren's SoundSecure™ Plug-in Doors are an integral component of all ETS-Lindgren's acoustic test chambers, sound isolation rooms, and audiometric booths.​
Anechoic Chamber ​​​ETS-Lindgren's Anechoic Chambers provide a precision-grade free-field environment used to measure sound source directivity, frequency response, and noise emissions from spherically radiating sound sources.<br>
Head and Torso Test Enclosure<p>​ETS-Lindgren's Head and Torso Test (HATS) Enclosure provides a free-field environment for making head and torso measurements on small devices such as cell phones and hearing aids. </p>
Hemi-Anechoic Chambers ​​​ETS-Lindgren's Hemi-Anechoic Chambers​ provide a precise free-field environment used to measure sound sources over a reflecting plane. Typical measurements include product noise testing, sound power, sound source frequency response, and sound source directivity.<br>
Predictable Field Chambers ETS-Lindgren's Predictable Field Enclosures are designed to provide acoustical and statistical energy analysis, to optimize the engineering and design requirements needed for an end-product application. 
Reverberation Chamber ​ETS-Lindgren's Acoustic Reverberation Chambers reflect sound to produce a non-directional or diffuse sound field within the chamber. They are typically used for sound absorption, transmission loss, and sound power measurements.
Small Device Test Enclosures ​ETS-Lindgren’s Small Device (SD) Test Enclosures provide a free-field environment for making survey and engineering grade measurements on small devices. ​

Key Features

  • ​Designed for Head and Torso Testing
  • Slide-out Access Tray
  • Split-apart Design for Portability
  • Small device compatible
  • Noise Control and Noise Emission Testing

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