5201 Tabletop RF Test Enclosure
​​​ETS-Lindgren's Model 5201 Tabletop RF Test Enclosure is a self-contained, portable test cell designed for testing wireless devices in a development, production, and/or quality assurance environment.




Key Product Information

​FlexSorb Absorber

The Model 5201 is fully lined with ETS-Lindgren’s durable FlexSorb RF Absorber absorber. This non-hygroscopic absorber maintains the same performance capabilities as our standard ETS-Lindgren absorber.

Dual Latch Lid with Dual RF Seal

The model 5201 utilizes the combination of a contact finger/RF gasket to achieve a high-performance shielding seal.

Easy Open/Close Lid

The Model 5201 has a gas spring assist lid support, for easy operation. This gas spring also allows for the lid to remain in the open position without assistance.

I/O Connector Panel

For user convenience, the model 5201 comes standard with one interchangeable I/O connector panel. Optional I/O connector panels can be populated with a choice of connectors at additional cost. 

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Frequency Range: 700 MHz  to 6 GHz 
Typical RF Isolation: -80 dB (Typical RF Isolation performance may vary with the addition of optional accessories)

External Dimensions (L x W x H): 45.7 cm x 45.7 cm x 30.5 cm
18.0 in x 18.0 in x 12.0 in 
Internal Dimensions (L x W x H): 38.9 cm x 38.9 cm x 23.6 cm
15.3 in x 15.3 in x 9.3 in 
Weight: 8.2 kg (18.08 lb) 
(Size/weight may vary with the addition of optional accessories)

  • ​Test Enclosure
  • Dual Latch Lid with Dual RF Seal
  • Gas Spring Assist Lid Support
  • One Removable I/O Connector Panel
  • Duo-Mesh Air Vents



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Key Features

  • -80 dB Typical Isolation Over Frequency 
  • 700 MHz to 6 GHz Frequency Range 
  • FlexSorb™ RF Anechoic Absorber Lined 
  • Dual Latch Lid with Dual RF Seal 
  • Gas Spring Assist Lid Support

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http://www.ets-lindgren.com/products/test-enclosures/14000/1400006<a href="/sites/etsauthor/ProductBrochures/General%20Brochures/Test_and_Measurement_Full_Line.pdf"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icpdf.png" />Test_and_Measurement_Full_Line.pdf</a>




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