​ETS-Lindgren's Series 5281 RF-Shielded Test Enclosures are high performance, portable shielded enclosures designed for fast, convenient EMI/RFI testing and repair.​​ Built to the same reliable shielding standards as full size ETS-Lindgren enclosures, these enclosures provide effective shielding in a compact, easy-to-use format. 

Key Product Information

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  • MAGNETIC FIELD at 14 kHz 56 dB
  • ELECTRIC FIELD at 14 kHz 100 dB
  • PLANEWAVE FIELD at 450 MHz 100 dB
  • PLANEWAVE FIELD at 1 GHz 100 dB


​Standard Sizes:

​Filtered Connectors:

1619814Connector Plate Only, removable (300 x 300mm) 12" x 12"
514016N Connector, 50 Ohm mounted (requires connector panel)
260465N Cap & Chain (Requires P/N 250102 N Connector sold seperately)
250103BNC Connector, 50 Ohm mounted (requires connector panel)
255489BNC Cap & Chain (Requires P/N 250103 BNC Connector sold seperately)
250276SMA Connector, mounted (requires connector panel)
260469SMA Cap & Chain  (Requires P/N 250276 SMA Connector sold seperately)
250097TNC Connector, 50 Ohm mounted (requires connector panel)
254811N Connector, 75 Ohm mounted (requires connector panel)
250199BNC Connector, 75 Ohm mounted (requires connector panel)
2547099 Pin D-Sub Connector - mounted  (requires connector panel)
25481715 Pin D-Sub Connector - mounted  (requires connector panel)
15576815 Pin D-Sub Connector -VGA  (requires connector panel)
25481025 Pin D-Sub Connector - mounted  (requires connector panel)
1700201Ethernet module Gigabit passive interface w/ POE 
1700202USB 3.0 passive interface module  
1700203USB 3.1 passive interface module
1700200HDMI passive interface module
Waveguide Feed-thrus
5510601/2" waveguide feedthru
5510613/4" waveguide feedthru
5510621" waveguide feedthru
5510631-1/4" waveguide feedthru
5510641-1/2" waveguide feedthru
5510652" waveguide feedthru
Fiber Optic Feed-thrus
554326Fiber Optic Feedthru Port - WGF-4
554260Fiber Optic Feedthru Port - WGF-6
554772Fiber Optic Feedthru Port - WGF-12

Fiber Optic Converters
26151910/100 Base-T Fiber Optic Convertor
261518Gigabit Fiber Optic Convertor
261523USB 2.0 Fiber Optic Convertor
261512RS-232 Asychronous Fiber Optic Convertor 
261521RS-232 Asychronous Fiber Optic Convertor (115K Baud)
LMF-4113USB 2.0  Convertor
260367Foil USB 2.0  Convertor- 1 Port Input - 4 Port Output
260366 10/100/1000 Base-T Giga-Foil ETHERNET Converter

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Key Features

  • ​High Performance RF-Shielded ​Test Enclosure
  • Convenient Standard configurations with; Custom options available upon request
  • Ease of Operation in a Portable Format
  • High-performance Series 81 Shielding Construction​
  • Clear opening RFCD (Radio Frequency Cell Door) with 3 toggle action over center draw latches and single buss bar uni-handle, designed to single action open
  • Quick Delivery on Standard Models:  Available in 4-5 Weeks ARO 


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