ETS-Lindgren's Series 83 RF Shielded Enclosures are a fully-custom shielding option for specialized applications such as electron microscopes and physiological studies. Because the Series 83 RF Shielding materials can meet special customer requirements, it is a truly flexible shielding solution.

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Series 83 RF shielding is made of G60 grade, 11-gauge galvanized steel. It offers the advantages of high shielding performance, durability, and ideal electrical continuity. Each panel section provides excellent stability to airborne moisture-induced warping and structure strength that lend to its rugged structural design.


Series 83 RF shielding has a conductive material lining which is used for attenuating EMI/RFI signals. Typical performance of series 83 RF shielding as measured in accordance with IEEE-299/MIL-STD 285 is 100 dB from 14 kHz to 1 GHz. Additionally, the specialized construction of the Series 83 shielding also provides excellent low frequency AC magnetic field attenuation characteristics.

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  • Sheets of 11-gauge Conductive Material are Laminated to a 12.7 mm (0.5 in) High-density Particle or Plywood Board Core
  • Series 83 Shielded Modular Panel Sections are Assembled with a Clamping System into a Self-supporting Room Structure
  • Panels are joined together with an extruded “hat and flat” and “cove” clamping system to provide uniform and consistent pressure contact against the shielded panel mating surfaces. These structural clamping sections are zinc-plated to resist corrosion and are joined with self-taping zinc-plated fasteners, spaced 10.16 cm (4.0 in)​ on center to ensure a secure shield.
  • Corners of the shielded room are secured with precision-machined trihedral end cap sections. To maintain electrical isolation, a 6-mil. dielectric vapor barrier and 3.175 mm (.125 in) dielectric underlayment are placed beneath the shielded floor panels. Counter-sunk floor screws in the clamping system ensure a smooth floor surface.
  • Attractive Vinyl Floor Tiles Applied with Adhesive over the Exposed Steel Surface as a Durable Wearing Surface

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Key Features

  • Conductive Material Lining 
  • 100 dB Insertion Loss From 14 kHz to 1 GHz 
  • Flexible Shielding Solution 
  • Excellent Low Frequency AC Magnetic Field Attenuation

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