ETS-Lindgren's RFD-F/A-100 Swing Doors meet the performance of the standard 100-type doors up to 40 GHz and are especially designed for the additional load of ferrites and short absorbers (max. 50 kg/m2). Maximum length of foam absorbers is 400 mm (15.74 in) everywhere, except around the handle area. The rigid inner plate allows the mounting of the ferrites/absorbers directly onto it and still gives the possibility for maintenance of the door in the case necessary. The ferrite tiles/absorbers are not included in the standard delivery.

The double hinges guarantee the proper functioning of the heavy load door. The RFD-F/A-100 interior door handle is made of bakelite and has a special extension part for the pyramid absorbers. For quicker and lighter opening, the handle can be installed so that it is at horizontal position when the door is closed. In a manual configuration, the operation system releases the RF-tight locking. For all the F/A-type doors with the width exceeding 1.2 m (3.94 ft), the pneumatic opening/closing system is recommended for lighter door operation. 

The door leaf of the RFD-F/A-100 swing doors is painted on outside (standard color white RAL 9010).


Key Product Information

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Key Features


  • Patented Labyrinth Sealing Construction 
  • Lightweight; Easy to Operate
  • Ideal Metal-to-metal Contact Between the Door Leaf and the Frame 
  • Specially Designed for Additional Load of Ferrites (max. 50 kg/m2

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