ETS-Lindgren's Waveguide Filters are designed to provide a means of bringing fiber optic cables into a shielded enclosure while maintaining the enclosure's radio frequency isolation integrity.
These filters have a removable center plug, surrounded by either six or twelve waveguide bores. When the center plug is removed, connectorized cables can be inserted into the peripheral cable-sized slots. Additionally, the waveguide bore diameter-to-length ratio have been optimized to ensure high attenuation.

Key Product Information


Theoretical Attenuation: WGF-6 (Part no. 554260)


Theoretical Attenuation: WFG-12 (Part no. 554772) 


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Key Features

  • Exceeds NSA 65-6/NSA 94-106 Shielding Applications
  • Central Plug Bore Accommodates ST and SMA Connectors
  • All Connectors can be Installed into a Shielded Enclosure while Maintaining 100 dB Attenuation at 18 GHz

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