Key Product Information

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Battery Charger: 110 VAC
Power: 6 VDC
Weight: 385 g (13.58 oz)
  • Manual Internal Battery Board (AET P/N 20028) provides a Nominal Operating Time of 3-4 Hours (Recharge- able NI-MH AAA Batteries Not Included)
  • AC Battery Charger
  • Bundled Spherical Dipole Yoke Tripod Adapter Assembly (AET P/N 90016-02)
  • Universal Spherical Dipole Source (USDS-H) 
  • Comb Generator with Four Selectable Clocks (AET P/N 90005-01)
  • Model USDS-HE; Bundled System (AET P/N 90025-02)

Key Features

  • Portable EMI Source for Quick Test Site Characterization and Site-to-Site Comparisons
  • Horizontal and Vertical Polarizations 
  • Selectable Pulse Mode for Testing
  • Quasi-Peak Detectors
  • 10 MHz to 10 GHz Frequency Range
  • Four Switch Selectable Fundamental Frequencies
    • 10 MHz
    • 64 MHz
    • 100 MHz
    • 133 MHz

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