Panel/Cabinet for Filters Sizing Chart
ETS-Lindgren's LPTC series panels are NEMA type with two compartments to provide the necessary isolation for secure applications. 



ETS-Lindgren's LPTC series panels are NEMA type with two compartments to provide the necessary isolation for secure applications. Filters mounted in panels are wired to both line and load side DIN type connectors on a DIN rail. Panels may be supplied with optional threaded conduit pipe penetrations which provide for a single-point penetration to accommodate multiple lines. Shielding performance is in accordance with MIL-STD-285, NSA and TEMPEST requirements.

Standard LPTC communication and control line filter panels are available in sizes for mounting from a set of six filters to a set of 78 filters. But custom sizes are avaiable upon request.  We recommend that each panel contain space or empty positions for future additions. Individual filters in panels are readily replaceable. Filters with the same mounting provisions may be used to replace, upgrade, change impedances, or change passbands, as necessary.​

Key Product Information

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​Number of Filters
​Number of Lines
Approx. Weight
55.88 cm (22.0 in)
​31.75 cm (12.50 in)
​15.24 (6.0 in)
​9.07 kg (20.0 lb)
​55.88 cm (22.0 in)
​​​57.15 cm (22.5 in)
​15.24 (6.0 in)
​18.14 kg (40.0 lb)
​55.88 cm (22.0 in)
​57.15 cm (22.5 in)
​20.32 cm (8.0 in)
​21.77 kg (48.0 lb)
​55.88 cm (22.0 in)
​57.15 cm (22.5 in)
​25.4 cm (10.0​ in)
​27.21 kg (60.0 lb)
​55.88 cm (22.0 in)
​57.15 cm (22.5 in)
​29.21 cm (11.5 in)
​29.94 kg (66.0 lb)
​55.88 cm (22.0 in)
​​​57.15 cm (22.5 in)
​33.02 cm (13.0 in)
​49.90 kg (110.0 lb)
​55.88 cm (22.0 in)
73.66 cm (29.0 in)
​33.02 cm (13.0 in)
​70.31 kg (155.0 lb)
​55.88 cm (22.0 in)
88.9 cm (35.0 in)
​33.02 cm (13.0 in)
​74.84 kg (165.0 lb)
PLEASE NOTE: For Installation on shield, filters can be ordered with penetration kit. Add "/PEN" to model numbers.



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Panel/Cabinet for Filters Sizing Chart for Filters Sizing Chart
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Key Features

  • For Dual Circuits (2 line) LTC Filters
  • Signal, Sensor & Voice Communication
  • Data Communication
  • Control Line

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