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Frequency Minimum: 26 MHz
Frequency Maximum: 40 GHz
ANSI C63.4 Normalized Site Attenuation: 30 MHz to 40 GHz
Overall Structure Dim (H): 6.12 m (20.08 ft)
Overall Structure Dim (L): 9.04 m (29.66 ft)
Overall Structure Dim (W): 6.71 m (22.01 ft)
Shield Room Inner Dim (H): 5.64 m (18.50 ft)
Shield Room Inner Dim (L): 8.53 m (27.99 ft)
Shield Room Inner Dim (W): 6.1 m (20.01 ft)
Internal Working Area (L): 8.12 m (26.64 ft)
Internal Working Area (W): 6.1 m (20.01 ft)
Internal Working Area (H): 5.48 m (17.98 ft)
  • ETS-Lindgren FT-1500 on Non-critical Areas of Side-walls and Ceiling
  • Dielectric Vapor Barrier and Masonite Underlayment
  • One RF-shielded Penetration for Airline to MiniMasttm (Compressed Air is Responsibility of Customer)
  • Design and Fabricate RF-shielded Enclosure, Interior Nominal Shield-to-shield Dimensions of 8.5 m L x 6.1 m W x 5.4 m H, (28 ft L x 20 ft W x 19bft H) includes 15.24 cm (6 in) Raised Floor
  • Sixteen Pieces of ETS-Lindgren FT-100c Ferrite Tile Panels for an Area of the Floor for Radiated Immunity Testing up to 1 GHz
  • Installation of the Enclosure and Absorber
  • ETS-Lindgren 2090 Dual Device Controller
  • ETS-Lindgren FT-1500 for Full Coverage of Transmit End-wall
  • Two "N" Type Connectors
  • Three 2 x 30 Amp, 60 Hz Power-line Filters for Lights and EUT (Wiring not included)
  • Sixteen Pieces of ETS-Lindgren EHP-18PCL Pyramidal Absorber on an Area of the Floor for Radiated Immunity Testing from 1 GHz up to 40 GHz
  • 3.18 mm (1/8") Vinyl Floor Tile
  • Guaranteed Performance and a Five-year Limited Warranty; One-year Warranty on Doors, Filters and Moving Parts; Two-year Warranty on Optional ETS-Lindgren's Equipment
  • Raised Reflective Ground Plane, 15.24 cm (6 in)
  • One Door Maintenance Kit
  • Four Waveguide Vents, 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm (12 in x 12 in)
  • One Single-leaf, Series 201, Recessed Contact Mechanism (RCM), Manually Operated, RF-shielded Door, 1.2 m x 2.13 m (4 ft x 7 ft) High
  • Field Uniformity Calibration per IEC 61000-4-3 from 26 MHz to 1 GHz (Optional Test from 1 to 40 GHz)
  • ETS-Lindgren 2075-2 MiniMast Electrically Powered Air Polarization Boom Tower with 20 m Cable and Fiber Optic Feed-through
  • Light Reflective Covers for FS-400 and FS-600 Absorber
  • ETS-Lindgren FS-600, Hybrid Absorber on Specular Critical Regions of Side-walls
  • One Fiber Optic Penetration Kit
  • One Threaded Brass Ground Stud 1.27 cm (0.5 in) diameter x 12.7 cm (5 in) Long
  • Normalized Site Attenuation Test per ANSI C63.4-2000 from 30 MHz to 1 GHz (Optional Test from 1 to 40 GHz
  • Two Access Hatches in Raised Floor, 45.72 cm x 45.72 cm (18 in x 18 in)
  • ETS-Lindgren 2087-2.03 Electrically Powered, 2 m Turntable with Cable and Fiber Optic Feed-through
  • One Connector Panel, 15.24 cm x 91.44 cm (6 in x 36 in) Clear Opening
  • ETS-Lindgren FS-400, Hybrid Absorber Full Coverage of End-wall Behind Turntable and Specular Region of Ceiling
  • One 3.81 cm (1.5 in) Pipe Penetration with Flange Nuts and Cap
  • Shield Test per MIL-STD-285, One Frequency Test at 1 GHz
  • Sam Phantom Head with Mount that Corresponds to IEEE/CENELEC Specified Dimensions
  • Infrared (IR) Camera System, Including Monitor, Power Filter and Required Cables
  • Portable Computing Device (PCD) Mount for Center Point Rotation of Small to Medium Sized Notebooks, Laptops, or Tablet Devices. The Weight Limit is 6.8 kg (15 lb) and Accommodates a Device up to 11.4 cm x 35.5 cm x 39.3 cm (4.5 in x 14 in x 15.5 in).
  • Turnkey Test System with Instrumentation in Fully Integrated 19” Rack System​
  • 3126 Dipoles and 3127 Loops not Included in the Optional Test Expansion Packages
  • Additional EMQuest™ EMQ-100 Software Drivers
  • DockOn Quarry Advance Analysis and Reporting Tool
  • Optional Test Expansion Packages for Baseline AMS-8500 System: 
    • 2G/3G Cellular SISO Test Package
    • Wi-Fi SISO Test Package
    • LTE-SISO Test Packag
    • LTE-A Carrier Aggregation (2DL/1UL) SISO Test Package
    • LTE-A Carrier Aggregation (3DL/1UL) SISO Test Package
    • A-GNSS (A-GPS for 2G / 3G) Test Package
    • A-GNSS (A-GPS for 4G) Test Package
    • A-GNSS (A-GLONASS for 4G) Test Package
    • Bluetooth Test Package
    • TD-SCDMA Test Package
    • RSE Test Package

Key Features

  • 26 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Performance Range Available as a Turnkey Package:
    • Chamber, Tower, Turntable, Antennas, Instrumentation and Software
  • Full ComplianceTesting for Radiated Emissions:
    • ANSI C63.4
    • FCC Parts 15 & 18
    • EN 50147-2
    • CISPR 11/EN50011
    • CISPR 16/EN550016
    • CISPR 22/EN550022
    • VCCI V-3/2004.04
    • SAE J551
    • SAE J1113
  • Full Compliance Testing for Radiated Immunity:
    • IEC 61000-4-3/EN61000-4-3
    • SAE J551, SAE J-1113
  • Eligible for FCC 3 Meter Class B Facility Filing

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