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Frequency Range by Model
ModelFrequency MinimumFrequency Maximum
EHP-3WW4 GHz40 GHz
EHP-5WW2 GHz40 GHz
EHP-8WW1 GHz40 GHz
EHP-12WW1 GHz40 GHz
EHP-18WW500 MHz40 GHz
EHP-24WW200 MHz40 GHz
EHP-26WW480 MHz40 GHz

Dimensions by Model
ModelAbsorber HeightWalkway Height
EHP-3WW8.3 cm   (3.27 in)13.9 cm   (5.47 in)
EHP-5WW12.7 cm   (5.00 in)19 cm   (7.48 in)
EHP-8WW21.5 cm   (8.46 in)27.9 cm   (10.98 in)
EHP-12WW31.1 cm   (12.24 in)38.1 cm   (15.00 in)
EHP-18WW46.3 cm   (18.23 in)53.3 cm   (20.98 in)
EHP-24WW61 cm   (24.02 in)69.8 cm   (27.48 in)
EHP-26WW66 cm   (25.98 in)77.4 cm   (30.47 in)



EHP High Performance Microwave Pyramidal Absorber High Performance Microwave Pyramidal Absorber
Microwave Convoluted Absorber Convoluted Absorber
Flat Laminate Absorber Laminate Absorber
FF Filter Foam Absorber Filter Foam Absorber
HP High Power Microwave Absorber High Power Microwave Absorber
Wedge Absorber Wedge Absorber
CRV Curvilinear Microwave Absorber Curvilinear Microwave Absorber
Walkway Absorber Absorber

Key Features

  • ​Compatible with Anechoic Chamber Reflection Requirements
  • Smooth Walking Surface Impervious to Water and Dirt
  • Supports up to 90.7 kg per .3 meters (200 lb ft2)

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