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Power Handling: 200 V/m CW

Frequency Range by Model
ModelFrequency MinimumFrequency Maximum
CRV-15PCL500 MHz40 GHz
CRV-23PCL200 MHz
40 GHz
CRV-40PCL200 MHz40 GHz
CRV-60PCL100 MHz40 MHz
CRV-67PCL80 MHz40 GHz

Dimensions by Model
Model Overall Height Base Height Pyramid Height Pyramids Per Absorber Weight
CRV-15PCL38.1 cm   (15.00 in)5.1 cm   (2.01 in)33.0 cm   (12.99 in)364.2 kg   (9.26 lb)
CRV-23PCL58.4 cm   (22.99 in)13.8 cm   (5.43 in)44.6 cm   (17.56 in)16
6 kg   (13.23 lb)
CRV-40PCL101.6 cm   (40.00 in)20.3 cm   (7.99 in)81.3 cm   (32.01 in)1
0.8 kg   (1.76 lb)
CRV-60PCL152.4 cm   (60.00 in)30.5 cm   (12.01 in)121.9 cm   (47.99 in)12.8 kg   (6.17 lb)
CRV-67PCL170.2 cm   (67.01 in)12.7 cm   (5.00 in)157.2 cm   (61.89 in)
413.6 kg   (29.98 lb)



EHP High Performance Microwave Pyramidal Absorber High Performance Microwave Pyramidal Absorber
Microwave Convoluted Absorber Convoluted Absorber
Flat Laminate Absorber Laminate Absorber
HP High Power Microwave Absorber High Power Microwave Absorber
Wedge Absorber Wedge Absorber
FF Filter Foam Absorber Filter Foam Absorber
Walkway Absorber Absorber
CRV Curvilinear Microwave Absorber Curvilinear Microwave Absorber

Key Features

  • Critical Region Absorber Treatment for Compact Range and Other Antenna Measurements
  • 500 V/m Maximum Power Handling Capability
  • Improved Low Frequency Reflection Suppression Performance

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