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Power Handling: 200 V/m CW

Frequency Range by Model
ModelFrequency MinimumFrequency Maximum
CRV-15PCL500 MHz40 GHz
CRV-23PCL200 MHz
40 GHz
CRV-40PCL200 MHz40 GHz
CRV-60PCL100 MHz40 MHz
CRV-67PCL80 MHz40 GHz

Dimensions by Model
Model Overall Height Base Height Pyramid Height Pyramids Per Absorber Weight
CRV-15PCL38.1 cm   (15.00 in)5.1 cm   (2.01 in)33.0 cm   (12.99 in)364.2 kg   (9.26 lb)
CRV-23PCL58.4 cm   (22.99 in)13.8 cm   (5.43 in)44.6 cm   (17.56 in)16
6 kg   (13.23 lb)
CRV-40PCL101.6 cm   (40.00 in)20.3 cm   (7.99 in)81.3 cm   (32.01 in)1
0.8 kg   (1.76 lb)
CRV-60PCL152.4 cm   (60.00 in)30.5 cm   (12.01 in)121.9 cm   (47.99 in)12.8 kg   (6.17 lb)
CRV-67PCL170.2 cm   (67.01 in)12.7 cm   (5.00 in)157.2 cm   (61.89 in)
413.6 kg   (29.98 lb)

Key Features

  • Critical Region Absorber Treatment for Compact Range and Other Antenna Measurements
  • 500 V/m Maximum Power Handling Capability
  • Improved Low Frequency Reflection Suppression Performance
  • FlexSorb option available

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