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Maximum Power Density: 775 W/m2, 77.5 mW/cm2, 0.5 W/in2

Frequency Range by Model
ModelFrequency MinimumFrequency Maximum
40 GHz
EHP-12PCL1 GHz40 GHz
EHP-18PCL500 MHz40 GHz
EHP-24PCL200 MHz40 GHz
EHP-36PCL80 MHz40 GHz
EHP-48PCL80 MHz40 GHz
EHP-72PCL80 MHz40 GHz

Adhesive: Yes 
Clip: Yes 
Color: Rantec Blue 
Environmental Temperature: 22° C ± 10° C (70° F ± 20° F) Maximum 
Service Temperature: 90° C (190° F) 
Ratings, Fire Retardant: NRL 8093 Tests 1, 2 & 3, TI #2693066, MIT MS-8-21, UL 94 and DIN 4102-B2 
Specifications Relative Humidity: 50% ± 20% 
Velcro: 45.72 cm (18 in)

Dimensions by Model
ModelAbsorber FootprintBase HeightOverall HeightPyramid HeightWeight
EHP-3PCL3.8 cm   (1.50 in)1.9 cm   (0.75 in)8.25 cm   (3.25 in)6.4 cm   (2.52 in)1 kg   (2.20 lb)
EHP-5PCL5.1 cm   (2.01 in)2.5 cm   (0.98 in)
12.7 cm   (5.00 in)6.4 cm   (2.52 in)1.6 kg   (3.53 lb)
7.6 cm   (2.99 in)5.1 cm   (2.01 in)21.6 cm   (8.50 in)16.5 cm   (6.50 in)2.8 kg   (6.17 lb)
EHP-12PCL15.2 cm   (5.98 in)5.7 cm   (2.24 in)31.1 cm   (12.24 in)25.4 cm   (10.00 in)4.6 kg   (10.14 lb)
EHP-18PCL15.2 cm   (5.98 in)5.7 cm   (2.24 in)46.4 cm   (18.27 in)40.6 cm   (15.98 in)4.6 kg   (10.14 lb)
EHP-24PCL20.3 cm   (7.99 in)10.2 cm   (4.02 in)61.0 cm   (24.02 in)50.8 cm   (20.00 in)6.1 kg   (13.45 lb)
EHP-36PCL30.5 cm   (12.01 in)15.2 cm   (5.98 in)91.4 cm   (35.98 in)76.2 cm   (30.00 in)9.5 kg   (20.94 lb)
EHP-48PCL30.5 cm   (12.01 in)
20.3 cm   (7.99 in)121.9 cm   (47.99 in)101.6 cm   (40.00 in)11.3 kg   (24.91 lb)
EHP-72PCL61.0 cm   (24.02 in)30.5 cm   (12.01 in)182.9 cm   (72.01 in)152.4 cm   (60.00 in)15.9 kg   (35.05 lb)



Wedge Absorber ​ETS-Lindgren's Wedge Absorber effectively reduces reflections between 30 MHz and 100 GHz and its RF reflectivity levels are the same as its equivalent sized pyramid absorber. Wedge absorbers are used in areas of chambers where pyramid absorbers would provide too much backscatter under specific configurations.<br>
CRV Curvilinear Microwave Absorber <p>​ETS-Lindgren Curvilinear Absorber is an advanced new RF absorber product that is optimized for broadband reflection suppression. </p>
EHP High Performance Microwave Pyramidal Absorber <p>​ETS-Lindgren's type EHP (Extra High Performance) microwave absorber is designed for use over a wide frequency spectrum and has been used as an effective tool for the reduction of reflections from 30 MHz through 100 GHz. </p>
FF Filter Foam Absorber <p>​ETS-Lindgren's Filter Foam/Vent Absorber series microwave absorber is similar in appearance and geometry to conventional ETS-Lindgren pyramidal and wedge type materials, and is tested to the same rigid specifications. </p>
Flat Laminate Absorber <p>​ETS-Lindgren's Flat Laminate Absorber, a moderate performance broadband microwave absorber is a graded dielectric material that has been widely accepted in the microwave and antenna fields. </p>
HP High Power Microwave Absorber <p>​ETS-Lindgren High Power Microwave Absorber is fabricated from high temperature materials. </p>
Microwave Convoluted Absorber <p>​ETS-Lindgren’s EHP Convoluted Absorber is designed to provide good refectivity performance with low forward scattering characteristics at incident angles up to 60° from normal incidence at microwave and millimeter-wave frequency ranges. </p>
Walkway Absorber <p>​ETS-Lindgren's Extra High Performance Walkway Absorber is a special absorbent material that is compatible with anechoic chamber reflection requirements, yet provides a walking surface for personnel. </p>

Key Features

  • ​Numerically Optimized Design
  • 200 V/m Power Handling Capability
  • Fire Retardant

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