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Key Features

  • Upgrade adds mmWave frequency range capability
  • Leverages existing testing investments
  • Asses all portions of mmWave transmitter certification
  • Extends the frequency range and enhances the positioning equipment for the device and antennas.

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  • Like all intentional transmitters, 5th generation cellular radios will require performance certification according to 3GPP, FCC and ETSI requirements. The challenge is that the new radio in 5th generation (5G NR) cellular products can operate in the traditional bands used for LTE and also in mmWave bands ranging between 22 and 52 GHz. Many transmitter certification and EMC test labs lack RF test capability above 40 GHz. Beyond just instrumentation, additional considerations for accurate RF testing must center on positioning the device under test and the measurement antennas used for far field conditions and dense spherical measurement points.

    ETS-Lindgren's EMC-3500 is a universal upgrade system to asses all portions of mmWave transmitter certification. While others may propose a mixer/antenna combo to cover the frequency range, the EMC-3500 offers a turnkey system that considers instrumentation, chamber, device and human factors. For example, the radiated spurious emissions (RSE) test alone requires 10 or more antenna changes to cover the full range. In addition, the RSE test points must form a spherical grid around the device, which is a much different test method than the typical 3 meter RSE chamber is designed to accomplish. A network emulator is also required that supports 5G NR's Frequency Range 2, or FR2.

    Model EMC-3500 is an agile suite of products that extends the frequency range and enhances the positioning equipment for the device and antennas. It has been designed to enhance a lab's prior investment in chambers and instruments by targeting the frequency range 40 GHz to 220 GHz (FCC) or 330 GHz (ETSI). Radiated in-band, out-of-band and spurious band transmitter performance tests according to the below table are supported.