8000-072 RF Power Amplifier - ETS-Lindgren
8000-072 RF Power Amplifier
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Key Features

  • Designed for Automotive Testing
  • High Reliability GaAs Design
  • Excellent Performance and Efficiency
  • Safety Interlock

ETS-Lindgrens Model 8000-072 RF Power Amplifier is a 70W power amplifier, designed primarily for gerneral EMC, automotive and military applications. Utilizing GaAs technology, this RF amplifier provides higher linearity, rugged design and better efficiency performance versus silicon based amplifiers.

The 8000-072 provides very low distortion and tolerance for 100% mismatch.

Reference material: RemoteControl Interface User Manual.

Physical Specifications

Dimensions 19 in, 4U Case, 600 mm (23.6 in) Deep

Communication Interface USB, GPIB, Ethernet

Connectors Input N (f); Output N (f)

Weight 15 kg (33 lb)

Rack mount with Rear Panel Connectors

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range: 700 MHz to 4.2GHz
Nominal Output Power: 70 W
Gain Variation: 3 dB
Harmonics: -20 dBc Maximum
Output Impedance: 50
Input VSWR: 2:1 Maximum
AC Supply: 100-240 VAC Single Phase
Supply Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz
Line Power: < 1.5 kVA