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SuiteSentry Ferromagnetic Detection Systems
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Key Features
  • Enhanced control of MRI suite, including staff inside
  • 24 sensors/18 detection zones for increased sensitivity & reliability
  • Earlier warning for both in- and out-of-room staff
  • Precisely locates exact area of ferrous threat
  • Reduces alarm fatigue by using a visual alert system
  • Thoughtfully designed for flexible installation, no door-swing blockage
  • Optional ferromagnetic incident log manager (FILM)

SuiteSentry Systems offer the industry's most advanced ferromagnetic detection systems (FMDS) for your entire MRI Suite. The SuiteSentry Systems are specifically designed to give your technologists full control of both inside and outside the MRI room, per the American College of Radiology (ACR) and The Joint Commission's requirement of 'control of Zone IV at all times'. Working with our safety experts, we will help you enjoy the best functionality, improved operational performance and greater compliance to the guidelines of The Joint Commission and ACR.

The SuiteSentry system gives an alert on an approach of ferromagnetic materials into Zone IV, before reaching the threshold. The systems' highly-visual warning lights can be seen from both inside and outside the MRI room. The greater the threat, the further away the warning is activated. There is also an audio alarm, which is activated only upon reaching the threshold.

The patented technology of the SuiteSentry system suppresses false warnings and alarms by concentrating only on the threats that are attempting to enter the MRI room, and ignores surrounding ferromagnetic disturbances. The use of 24 sensors and 18 detection zones help to ensure uniform sensitivity and detection reliability.

The systems are thoughtfully designed for all facility architectural layouts. In facilities with outward swinging MRI doors, the unit is mounted on the inside part of the door frame. And, with in-swinging doors, the system is installed on the outside. This flexibility avoids the situation where a necessary outside installation leaves one side of the detector completely blocked by the MRI door when opened outwards (85% of the MRI doors open outwards).

The optional ferromagnetic incident log manager (FILM), uniquely aids in complying with The Joint Commission standards and as a tool to assist with your internal root cause analysis. The FILM provides a continuous and automatic visual record of potential and actual projectile incidents, as well as a visual record after the incident.