Safe IV Port for Medical Applications - ETS-Lindgren
Safe IV Port for Medical Applications
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Key Features
  • Provides Safe Passage of Patient-Connected IV Lines through EVO Shielded Doors
  • Keeps Infusion Pumps and Other Mechanicals Outside of the MRI Room
  • Allows Fully Closed Operation of RF Shielded Door
  • Maintains RF Attenuation Capability of the RF Shield
  • Port Size Allows for Multiple IV Lines
  • Can Accommodate up to 12 Standard IV Lines

ETS-Lindgren's Safe IV Port (SIVP) provides safe and easy passage of intravenous (IV) lines into an MRI room, without compromising the RF shield. Designed exclusively for EVO Shielded Doors, the SIVP allows infusion pumps and other medical equipment to safely remain outside of the MRI room, while remaining fully connected to the patient.

In the past, performing an MRI on a patient with IV lines was adverse for the MR environment. The IV lines would need to be disconnected from the patient and reconnected via other means, or force the facility to leave IVs disconnected during the MRI scanning period.

Alternatively, to keep infusion pumps or medical equipment safely outside of the MR room, connected IV lines were passed through the MRI door. This option also posed serious problems, as the RF seal of the door was either breached or left in an open condition, leaving the MRI open to EMI (electromagnetic interference), thus causing poor image quality.

With the SIVP accessory installed, medical equipment can remain safely outside of the MR room, the RF shield remains in tact, and image quality is not compromised.

NOTE: The SIVP is a factory installed option available on new EVO Doors only. For additional information regarding EVO doors, please contact your ETS-Lindgren representative.