OMS Sample Draw Oxygen Monitoring System - ETS-Lindgren
OMS Sample Draw Oxygen Monitoring System
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Key Features
  • No Maintenance Zirconium Sensor
  • Long-life 10+ Year average sensor life
  • No Calibration Required
  • Two alarm set points for 19.5% and 18%
  • Built-in Flow Sample Pump
  • Built-in audible alarm 90 dB
  • Digital display, and 4-20mA analog output
  • UL, c UL and CE approvals
  • 1 Year warranty

ETS-Lindgren's Oxygen Monitoring System (OMS) is a sample draw monitoring system that alerts and alarms when oxygen levels fall below safe limits for human health. Under normal conditions, the air we breathe contains an oxygen concentration of 20.9%. Anything less than 19.5% is considered a health hazard. The OMS monitors the air in MRI rooms, labs, freezers, confined spaces, and other locations where inert gases such as helium, nitrogen and argon may displace the oxygen and create a danger for patients and staff. The OMS can be used indoors or outdoors.

Product Features

Zirconium Oxide Sensor

At the heart of the OMS is a non-depleting zirconium oxide sensor that has a 10-year service life. The sensor does not require a reference gas for calibration and can operate in nitrogen environments of up to 100%. The sensor responds to low oxygen conditions within seconds, and readings are not affected by changes in temperature, humidity, or barometric pressure. Other systems using less sophisticated technology require periodic calibration and sensor replacement. They can also be susceptible to false triggering caused by temperature extremes or sudden changes in barometric pressure. The OMS non-depleting zirconium oxide sensor avoids these problems and is virtually maintenance and worry-free.

Air Draw Flow Pump

The OMS uses a flow pump that continuously samples air drawn from end points up to a maximum of 30 m (100 ft) from the unit. The draw tube is made of transparent polyurethane 7 mm (1/4 in) in diameter, and can be passed through RF shielded waveguides when required. For optimal sensing, the tubes end point should be positioned near the ceiling of the space being monitored.

On-Board CPU

An on-board CPU provides the systems logic and control. A local back-lit display shows the oxygen concentration from the sample point as a percentage. This information can be transmitted to any distributive control system, or programmable logic controller. The OMS also has user selectable, dual alarm relays for activating remote audio alarms and strobe lights. The OMS can be operated remotely up to 1,000 m (0.6 miles) from centralized distributive control systems.

Physical Specifications
Case: Polycarbonate
Height: 127.0 mm (5.0 in)
Depth: 127.00 mm (5.0 in)
Length: 178.00 mm (7.0 in)
Weight: 2.0 kg (4.41 lb)
Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage: 24 DVC (300 mA)
Signal Outputs: 4 to 20 mA Analog Output

Power: 110/220V plug in power supply
Dual level Alarm Relay Contacts: -40 to +55 C (-40 to +122 F)

Product Configuration
  • OMS System
  • Polycarbonate Case with Wall mounting brackets