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Key Features

  • Convenient Push Button Activation
  • Optional Timed Program for Automatic Closure
  • Automatic Operation can be Linked to Keypad Entry
  • Safe Operation
  • Hold Open Feature Included

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  • ETS-Lindgren's Automatic Door Opener/Closer (AOC) provides easy access into the MRI with adjustable timing on the opening and closing operation. Fast, smooth operation enables the technician to concentrate on the needs of the patient. The door operation can also be configured to operate with a customer-supplied card reader* that would work with existing security operations within the facility.

    Use of the AOC can extend the life and maintenance intervals on the door. Designed for reliable high traffic operation, the AOC still allows manual operation in the event of a power loss or an emergency situation. The advanced microprocessor controller and sensor system ensures safe operation at all times and eliminates the need for moving parts.

    View the Automatic Opener/Closer For use with EVO Air Doors technical specifications below

    Physical Specifications

    Header Size: 15.24 cm (6 in)
    Swing Door Panels: Up to 122.0 cm (48.0 in) Wide

    Electrical Specifications

    Power Required: 120 VAC, 5 Amps Minimum
    Drive Train: 1/4 HP DC Motor, Gear Drive, Ball Screw Actuator, Rack and Pinion

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