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EVO Manual MRI Door
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Key Features
  • Easy-open, Lever-style Handle
  • Contemporary Design
  • Inherent Acoustic Properties
  • Low Profile Threshold
  • Easy Clean Threshold
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ETS-Lindgren's EVO Manual MRI Door is designed to provide reliable, low maintenance service for use in a rigorous MRI environment.

Product Features

Standard Features

  • Easy-open, lever-style handle
  • Concealed seals
  • Inherent acoustic properties
  • Low profile on manual doors
  • Easy clean threshold

RF Performance

The EVO Manual MRI Door meets the RF attenuation specifications of all clinical and research systems. If you have any concerns about your requirements, ETS-Lindgren has the experience and expertise to assist you.

Acoustic Performance

EVO Manual MRI Doors are available in the following Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings:

  • STC-34 (Medium EVO Manual)

  • STC-40 (Enhanced EVO Manual)


EVO Manual MRI Doors come with a low profile threshold, which allow for effortless patient gurney transfers and easy cleaning, especially for surgical applications.

Contemporary Design

Door construction is designed for durability, featuring architectural style suited for all hospital environments. The door may be finished in a high-pressure plastic laminate. Please contact ETS-Lindgren for color selection.


The EVO Manual MRI Door is sold in two nominal sizes but can be made available in various sizes and configurations to fit any requirement. Custom sizes as well as double swing models are available.

Physical Specifications

Nominal Sizes Include:

.91 m x 2.13 m (3 ft x 7 ft)
1.22 m x 2.13 m (4 ft x 7 ft)