HI-2790B Calibration Comparison System - ETS-Lindgren
HI-2790B Calibration Comparison System
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Key Features
  • 2450 MHz Source with Control
  • HI-1710A Local Calibration Reference Meter
  • Anechoic Test Chamber with Slotted-end Waveguide Antenna and Probe Rotation Fixture

ETS-Lindgren's HI-2790B Calibration Comparison System complies with US Government (CDRH/FDA) requirements for evaluating calibration consistency of microwave oven survey meters used by oven manufacturers in compliance testing. The HI?2790B is a complete system containing all of the equipment necessary to check microwave oven survey instruments and monitor the calibration stability of these instruments. This involves checking each instrument periodically to make sure that its response is within specification, and its calibration remains constant. This must not be confused with performance of absolute calibration or transfer calibration on the instrument.

Physical Specifications
Width: 770 mm (30.3 in)  
Depth: 1040 mm (41 in) 
Height: 1230 mm (48.4 in); 1360 mm (53.5 in) with Power/Control Module 
Weight: 45 kg (100 lb)
Electrical Specifications
Frequency: 2450 MHz 
Dynamic Range: 0.1 to < 5.0 mW/cm2 (Plane-wave power density at probe test location)  
Input Power: 100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Product Configuration
  • HI-1710A Local Calibration Reference
  • Power and Control Module
  • A Portable Anechoic Chamber Mounted on a Frame with Wheels for Ease of Movement.