EMCenter EM8 - ETS-Lindgren
EMCenter EM8
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Key Features
  • EMC-Standards
    • ISO 11451-5
  • 1 Gbit Lan Interface
  • Eight Slots for Plug-In Cards
  • RF Measurements
  • Numerous Configuration Options
  • Flexible
  • Scalable

The EMCenterTM EM8 Modular Test System forms the heart of many different EMC and RF test systems. The EMCenter has the ability to store up to eight (8) instrument plug-in cards, which can all be controlled and used simultaneously. The 1 Gbit LAN interface, providing some of the fastest acquisition in the industry, makes the EMCenter EM8 the ideal hardware platform for applications requiring multiple channels and fast measurements, like Automotive mode-stir (reverberation chamber) testing or switching applications.

Product Features

Fast Measurements

The EMCenter EM8 is equipped with a 1 Gbit LAN interface. Each instrument that is installed in the eight slots can be directly controlled at a designated IP address, allowing for fast measurement throughout.

Laser Safety

The EMCenter EM8 is equipped with a laser ON/OFF switch to prevent accidential operation and/or starting the laser power supply of the EMSenseTM probes.


Each of the eight slots can be configured by the user, allowing any combination of plug-in cards. All cards can be commanded and operated using TILE! software.


  • The EMCenter can be scaled using a wide array of available plug-in cards including:
  • EMSenseTM LASER powered E-Field Sensors
  • EMFieldTM Integrated EMC Immunity Test Solution
  • EMPowerTM RF power meters for EMC application
  • EMGenTM RF signal generators
  • EMSwitchTM for switching one, two, four or six RF signal

Example Application

The international standard ISO11451-5 vehicle test methods for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy – part 5: reverberation chamber describes the measurement of E-fields at eight reference points as part of the immunity test in a reverb chamber. For this application, the EMCenter EM8 can be configured with 8 EMSense laser powered E-field probes, allowing the fast and accurate measurement of the isotropic field strength within the working volume of the chamber. Utilizing multiple switches, the EMCenter EM8 allows for simultaneous communication, increasing the rate of switch state changes and reducing test lag time.

Physical Specifications

Height 132mm (5.2”) (3U) 
312mm (12.3”) excluding rear panel 
19” rack mountable 
~15.4 lbs (7kg) empty 
Environmental Conditions 

Temperature Range 
10oC – 40o
Relative Humidity
5% - 95% (non-condensing) 

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage115 VAC / 230 VAC 
Power Consumption, standby 
<3 W 
Power Consumption, empty 
33 W
Power consumption, maximum load 
225 W 

Product Configuration

Number of slots for Plug-In Cards 
Ethernet, 6.35mm (1/4") jack, fused and switched IEC 320 C13 socket, 8 blanking plates (replace with plug in cards)
Desktop or 19” rack mountable 
Interface & Cables
Interlock & LAN 
IEC Power Cord 
6.35 mm jack plug connection to safety disables interlock & interlocked laser outputs when triggered