2175 Antenna Tower - ETS-Lindgren
2175 Antenna Tower
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Key Features
  • 1 m to 4 m Scan Height Range
  • Fiber Optic Control Lines Eliminate RF Noise
  • Rugged Construction for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • On-Axis Antenna Polarization

ETS-Lindgren's Model 2175 MiniMast Antenna Tower maximizes available space in today's compact chambers, while offering many features found on full-sized ETS-Lindgren antenna towers. The mast section is made from one continuous piece of square fiberglass tubing. This construction improves stability during ascent and descent of the antenna. Nominal height is 4.6 m (15.1 ft). For custom heights, please contact ETS-Lindgren for details.
To facilitate measurement accuracy, off-center beam mounted antennas can be individually height adjusted for true on-axis polarization. Newer stinger end mounted antennas slide into a receiver. Hand tightened knobs eliminate the need for tools.

Although designed with compact chambers in mind, the MiniMast can be used in other protected environments as well. Large polyurethane wheels provide easy rolling on most ground plane surfaces. (As with any mast in an outdoor application, the MiniMast should be fastened to the ground plane using guy-ropes). The 2175 is not intended for permanent outdoor installations. Built with a rugged, high density, fiberglass-reinforced polymer, the unit's mast and cross boom are highly resistant to deterioration from exposure to sunlight. The square shape of the tubing helps prevent rotation and torsional stress experienced with round pipe. A reliable rope and pulley mechanism is used for carrier descent. Supporting up to 9.1 kg (20 lb) of weight, the MiniMast's sturdy boom can be used with almost any EMC antenna.

The MiniMast is compatible with ETS-Lindgren's EMCenter configured with an EMControl plug-in card. With use of this EMCenter configuration, users can independently control two primary devices (e.g. a tower and turntable) with great accuracy. Users also can perform the switching functions of up to four auxiliary devices.

The EMCenter is compatible with ETS-Lindgren's TILE! and EMQuest Software, Rohde & Schwarz Model ESKI-EMI Measurement and Evaluation Software and Hewlett Packard's HP85876A Commercial Radiated EMI Measurement Software.

Physical Specifications
Nominal Height: 4.61 m (15.12 ft)
Maximum Load Capacity: 10.0 kg (22.05 lb)
Weight: 81.2 kg (179.01 lb)
Scan Height: 1 m to 4 m (3.3 ft to 13.1 ft)
Linear Velocity: 3 cm/sec to 22 cm/sec (1.18 in/sec to 8.66 in/sec)
Polarization: 3 to 30 per Second
Required Air Pressure: 410 to 550 kPA, 60 to 80 PSI (Air Supply Not Included)
Electrical Specifications
Phase: 10 A, Single
Voltage: 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Product Options

  • EMCenter with EMControl Card (Controller required)
  • Universal Antenna Mount
  • Custom Mast Heights
  • Additional Fiber Optic Cable Lengths

Product Configuration
  • Tower Assembly
  • Air Polarization (Customer Supplied Air Source)
  • 10 m Fiber Optic Cable
  • Manual