2171B Boresight Antenna Tower - ETS-Lindgren
2171B Boresight Antenna Tower
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Key Features
  • Meets ANSI C63.4 Requirement for > 1 GHz Measurement
  • Adjustable for 3 m, 5 m, or 10 m Test Distances
  • Variable Speed with Toothed Belt Drive Provides Smooth Operation
  • Fiber Optic Control Lines Eliminate RF Noise
  • Accepts Stinger or Classic Antenna Mounts
  • Roll-about Casters for Mobility
  • Compact Size
  • Designed for Indoor Use
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ETS-Lindgren's Model 2171B Antenna Tower meets ANSI C63.4 requirements for measurements above 1 GHz by keeping the antenna aimed at the EUT during the antennas ascent/descent along the antenna mast. This is especially useful when high gain directional antennas like horn antennas are used. This antenna tower is also designed with a reduced size base for better maneuverability in smaller chambers.

Product Features

Patented Boresight System

Mounting adapters on towers normally place the antenna parallel to the ground plane. This means that as the tower raises the antenna above the EUT, measured field strength levels will be lower than actual values. This problem is solved with ETS-Lindgrens innovative boresight system which properly aims the antenna at a designated test point.

During scans, this tower maintains constant directional antenna positioning while varying the angle between the antenna and the mast. This is particularly important when using higher gain antennas of more than 3 dBi. The tilting of the antenna will maintain the EUT within the half power (-3 dB) beamwidth.

Flexible Antenna Mounting

The 2171B accepts stinger or classic EMCO antenna mounts. Mounting methods maintain the antenna's centerline axis during polarization.

Fiber Optic Lines

Fiber optic lines are used between the antenna mast and positioning controller to eliminate RF noise coupling.

Smooth Operation

A toothed belt drive provides smooth ascent and decent of the carrier assembly. The belt is an industrial grade composite that was selected for strength and longevity.

Additionally, the 2171B features variable speed operation with speed rates range from 3 cm/sec to 22 cm/sec as controlled by the EMCenter.

Indoor Use

The model 2171B is designed for indoor use. For outdoor positioning systems, please contact ETS-Lindgren for additional information.

Physical Specifications

Overall Height: 4.9 m (16.1 ft)
Maximum Scan Height: 4.0 m (13.1 ft)
Base Dimensions: 1.1 m x 0.9 m (3.5 ft x 3.0 ft)
Weight: 90.0 kg (198.4 lb)
Cross-boom Loading: 90.9 Nm (25.0 ft/lb)
Linear Speed: 3 cm/sec to 22 cm/sec
Polarization Velocity: 3 deg/sec to 30 deg/sec

Electrical Specifications

Hertz: 50/60
Voltage: 208-230 VAC
AMP Maximum: 3.0 amps
Phase: 1

Product Options
  • EMCenter Configured with EMControl
  • Fiber Optic Cables
Product Configuration
  • Tower Assembly
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Boresight with Centerline Pneumatic Polarization
  • Fiber Optic Cables in 3 m and 10 m Lengths
  • Shield Room Penetration Kit
  • Hand-held Remote Control Unit
  • Manual